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Goshen High School Guidance Department

The staff of the Goshen High School Guidance Department works to foster each student’s social, emotional, and academic development to maximize their educational potential. Students are assigned a school counselor based on the first letter of their last name.  Counselor assignments are outlined under “More Information” to the right. In addition to your student’s school counselor, additional support is available from the school psychologist and school social worker.

The Guidance Department has three main focuses: academic information and planning, career and college planning, and social/emotional support and counseling. Please use the table of contents below to help you navigate to the information you need.

Table of Contents

Academic Information & Planning

Academic Assistance and Intervention  |  Academic Intervention Services  |  Advanced Placement  |  Career & Technical Education  |  Class Rank  |  Dual Enrollment  |  Grade Reporting  | High School Course Descriptions |  Honor and Merit Roll  |  Middle to High School Transition  |  NYS Graduation Requirements  |  Parent/Teacher Conferences  |  Program Planning and Course Selection  |  Senior Privilege

Career & College Planning

Adult Career and Continuing Education Services  |  College Applications  |  College Admissions Testing  |  College and Career Readiness Program for Juniors  |  College and Career Readiness Program for Junior Parents  |  College Fairs, Visits & Tours  |  Financial Literacy and Financial Aid  |  Letters of Recommendation  |  Naviance Student  |  NCAA  |  Senior Meetings  |  Scholarships  |  United States Military and Academies  |  Working Papers  |  Additional support for Academic Intervention, Tutoring, Testing Preparation

Social/Emotional Support & Counseling

Individual Support  |  Group Support  |  Community Support, Services, and Referral Agencies

Academic Information & Planning

Academic Assistance and Intervention

Students who need additional assistance are encouraged to utilize the tenth period in the daily schedule to work with their teachers in subjects where additional time and work are required.  Students can communicate directly or through email with their teachers to schedule time to meet either daily or weekly during this structured time.

If students need assistance with planning for tenth period help or general study and organization strategies, they are encouraged to make an appointment to see their school counselor.

Academic Intervention Services

Students who need additional academic support during the school day and are at risk of not meeting assessment requirements for graduation, will be scheduled for Academic Intervention Services (AIS) when possible.  Teachers can recommend AIS for a student at any time throughout the school year based on academic performance data such as the STAR assessment conducted during the school year.

Advanced Placement

There are a number of Advanced Placement courses offered at Goshen High School.  Students who choose to enroll in an AP course should be prepared to complete additional work and move more quickly through course material. Each AP course has a corresponding AP Exam that is administered in May.  Students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the exam.  In September, students are notified about the exam period, cost per exam and provided the steps needed to register and pay for exams.  The cost per exam is approximately $100.00 and payment is required by November 1st each year.

Career & Technical Education Center (OU BOCES)

During sophomore year, students are invited to attend a presentation provided by the staff from OU BOCES Career & Technical Center. Interested students are then provided with the opportunity to visit the center and programs of interest. Following the visitation, students apply to attend a program at CTEC.  Students who have participated in the presentation are required to complete an application along with a signed parent letter and essay. Students will be selected to attend CTEC based on academic performance,  attendance, discipline and progress towards graduation. Once students are selected, their name will be forwarded to CTEC for processing and their GHS course selections will be adjusted to accommodate CTEC programming. Students are usually notified by July of their selection.

Class Rank

Class rank is calculated and locked after the end of the sixth semester. Each student’s decile rank is listed on their senior year transcript.  At the conclusion of the seventh semester, honor graduates are determined.

Dual Enrollment (SUNY Orange / SUPA / Corning Community College / Siena College)

Dual enrollment courses are those courses taken at GHS that also offer college credit through an institution partner. Students enrolled in a course offering that allows them to earn college credit, will have the opportunity to register with the corresponding college.  Registration and payment for courses is handled directly by the credit awarding institution. Students must complete any applicable forms and submit payment by published deadlines to be registered for courses. Most SUPA (Syracuse University Project Advance) course require students to register if they are enrolled in the course at GHS.

Grade Reporting

The school year is divided into four marking periods, each covering a ten week period.  Numeric grades are recorded and published in SchoolTool and can be viewed in the Parent Portal.  At five week intervals, progress reports are available and provide grade ranges as well as comments to help guide students through the remaining weeks of each quarter.

High School Course Offerings

View a course catalog of all classes offered at Goshen High School.

Honor and Merit Roll

Based on a student’s average at the end of each marking period, they may be recognized as having Honor Roll or Merit Roll Status.  Students qualify for merit roll by having an average ranging from 85 to 89.999.  Students qualify for Honor Roll by having an average ranging from 90 to 100.  Approximately one week after the grades for each marking period are published, Merit and Honor Roll reports are processed for announcement.  Any grade changes received from teachers following the reporting period, will not be reflected in that quarter’s Merit and Honor Roll reports.

Middle to High School Transition

In January and February each year, high school counselors will visit the middle school and help eighth graders begin their transition to high school.  Counselors will conduct presentations to students to review high school courses, requirements for graduation and components of getting involved and being successful high school students.  Parents and guardians of eighth graders are invited to attend 8th Grade Parent Night.  Following these two presentation events, students will have the opportunity to choose their initial course selections for 9th grade.  Middle school counselors will meet with students to address any questions or changes to course selections.  Students can make changes to their initial selections until April 30th.

View Grade 9 Course Offerings

New York State Graduation Requirements

Students are required to earn 22.5 credits in order to graduate from Goshen High School.  Please note, this is ½ credit higher than required by NYS.  In addition to course credits, students must also earn a passing score on at least five Regents exams.

Course Credits


English: 4 credits/ 4 credits
Social Studies: 4 credits/ 4 credits
Mathematics:3 credits/3 credits
Science: 3 credits/3 credits
LOTE: 1* credit/3** credits
Art and/or Music: 1 credit/1 credit
Health & Wellness: 0.5 credit/0.5 credit
Health Elective: 0.5 credit/0.5 credit
Physical Education: 2 credits/2 credits

*  Students are required to earn one credit in foreign language.

** Students seeking an Advanced Regents Diploma may substitute a 5 unit sequence in art (portfolio required), music (Music Theory 1 & 2 required) or CTE in place of the additional 2 credits in LOTE (foreign language) and the checkpoint B exam.   However, students are still required to earn 1 credit in LOTE (foreign language).

Regents Exams


English Language Arts/English Language Arts
Algebra or Geometry or Algebra 2/Algebra & Geometry & Algebra 2
Global History/Global History
U.S. History/U.S. History
One Science/One Life Science or One Physical Science
LOTE Checkpoint B Exam (this is a local exam)

New York State Department of Education General Education & Diploma Requirements

Parent Teacher Conferences

A parent teacher conference can be requested by a parent, student, counselor, teacher or administrator.  Parents are encouraged to contact their student’s individual teachers for academic updates but if a group conference is needed, parent’s should contact the high school Guidance Office and request a meeting through their child’s school counselor.

Parent teacher conferences in the evening on dates and times determined by the building.  These dates are usually included on the district calendar and website.

Program Planning & Course Selection

Each year in December, counselors will visit students in their English classes and assist students in choosing their initial course selections for the following school year.  Students are encouraged to review course descriptions to determine appropriate selections as well as the elective courses that are of interest. Information about course offerings and requirements can be viewed by visiting the Course Offerings page.

When students select the courses, they need to ensure that they are selecting those courses remaining to meet NYS graduation requirements.  In addition, students selecting honors, dual enrollment or Advanced Placement courses must meet the requirements for these courses.  If students have questions about specific courses or course requirements, they are encouraged to contact the teacher of the course, the coordinator of the subject department or their school counselor.

Following the initial course selection activity, students will be invited to meet with their counselor for their annual Program Planning meeting.  During this meeting, students will review their progress towards graduation and their planned diploma (credits/Regents exams).  Also at this time, students will confirm their course selections for the following school year.  In addition to reviewing academic courses and planning for the following year of high school, students will be encouraged to discuss their post-secondary plans and goals with their counselor.  School counselors will help guide students through information gathering, resources and reviewing information pertinent to their individual plan.

Senior Privilege

Senior students in good academic standing who have a study hall in their schedule that falls at the beginning and/or end of school day can submit an application for senior privilege.  Students must follow their course schedule until their application is approved and a senior privilege card is obtained from the guidance office or main office.  Applications are available in the main office.

Career & College Planning

Adult Career & Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR)

ACCES-VR provides support for persons with disabilities in regards to vocational training, and career development.  During junior year, students who have an IEP or 504 Plan are provided information and encouraged to begin the application process.  Students do have to apply for these NYS provided services.  During senior year, eligible students will receive the information again to ensure they do not miss the opportunity to apply.  Applying for and participation in ACCES-VR services is optional.

College Applications

Students are encouraged to begin completing their college applications in August prior to their senior year.  Majority of students will utilize the Common Application to apply to their chosen colleges.

Occasionally, students will apply to college using the SUNY application or through a direct application available on a college’s website.

All students must list the colleges they are applying to in Naviance Student and request a transcript using a Transcript Request Form available in the Guidance office.  It is important that students maintain accurate records of their deadlines to ensure all requests for transcripts (and letters of recommendation) are made at least ten school days prior to the college’s posted deadline for the application type being submitted.

College Admissions Testing

Most four-year colleges and universities and some two-year institutions require students to submit scores from a college entrance exam.  The SAT is administered by the College Board and the ACT is administered by American College Testing. Juniors will usually take their college entrance exam in the spring of their junior year, however, students are welcome to test at any time and can take the SAT and/or ACT multiple times.

Prior to taking the SAT, many students will take the PSAT in preparation for the actual exam.  The PSAT is offered to all Juniors in October.  Sophomores who are enrolled in Algebra 2 are also invited to take the exam.  The registration and fee for the exam is collected through an external company called Total Registration.  Registration and payment for the PSAT opens in early  August and concludes in early to mid-September.  Student’s score reports become available on the College Board’s website in December.  Following the release of score reports, students are encouraged to create a College Board account using a personal email address and begin using the resources on the College Board website and Khan academy to prepare for the SAT.

For the SAT and ACT, students need to be familiar with test dates to be sure they register by the posted deadlines.  Goshen High School is a test site for the SAT in November, December and May.  Students choose their test center location at the time of registration.

Scores from college entrance exams are reported to high schools, however, they are not listed on the high school transcript.  If official test scores are required, students must request their scores to be sent from the testing organization directly to the colleges they are applying to.

College & Career Readiness Program for Juniors

Students are encouraged to engage in ongoing research of career and college options. During junior year, counselors will visit students in their classes to facilitate the three part series titled, Career & College Readiness. This program encourages students to utilize Naviance and other resources to research colleges based on the components and characteristics that are important to them, review the data associated with college admissions and also begin to develop a plan to work toward implementation of their post-secondary goal.  In addition to college research, counselors will assist students as they complete their third Naviance assessment, Strengths Explorer and also introduce components of college admissions and the application process.

College & Career Readiness Program for Junior Parents

In the spring, counselors invite the parents of juniors to attend Junior Parent Night. During this program, counselors will present information about college admissions and the application process.  Information about financial aid will also be presented.  Please check the district calendar for the scheduled date each year.

College Fairs, Visits, & Tours

College Fairs bring together admission counselors from multiple colleges and allow students to begin to gather information about colleges that interest them.  Students can speak to admissions representatives and seek additional information and ask specific questions to gain information about programs, services and campus living.  There are two opportunities for students to attend a college fair locally.

Each year in the spring, the Orange County Counselors Association hosts a college fair that is held at SUNY Orange in Middletown.  All students are welcome to attend but this is especially important for juniors who are doing research about potential colleges.  In the Fall, the CASDA College Fair is held at Goshen High School and again, all students are welcome.  The Fall fair is a great opportunity for seniors to speak to admissions representatives from colleges they plan to apply to and for underclassmen, the Fall fair can really jump start the college research process.

Following the initial information gathered at college fairs and through independent research via Naviance or college specific websites, students are encouraged to visit the campuses of the colleges that interest them.  Many campuses offer virtual tours which is a great starting point before traveling to a campus.  Students can often schedule in-person tours or register for open house events online at a college or university’s website.  Students should use their personal email accounts when registering for events to ensure they can receive important information from colleges.  Students are allowed three absences from school between the spring of their junior year and fall of senior year for the purpose of visiting a campus in-person.

Financial Literacy and Financial Aid (Federal & State)

All students who plan to attend college after high school are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Some colleges require a completed application.  Students who plan to attend college in New York State should also complete a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application.

In the fall, GHS offers an annual Financial Aid Night.  A representative from the State of New York presents important information regarding financial aid and resources to students and parents.  The financial aid process begins in October for seniors but anyone is welcome to attend this event.

Letters of Recommendation

Many colleges will require a letter of recommendation from a counselor (also referred to as a written evaluation) and/or teacher.  All requests for letters of recommendation should be made in person well in advance of a student’s application deadline.  In addition to making a request, students must complete the necessary documentation to accompany their request.  For letters requested from teachers, students must complete the Teacher Letter of Recommendation Request form available in the Guidance Office. For a counselor letter of recommendation, students are asked to complete a Student Autobiography, Parent Brag Sheet and have a completed Resume in Naviance.  A prepared resume submitted attached to the Autobiography will also be accepted.  All requests are required to be made no less than ten school days prior to the college application deadline.  This ensures the teacher and/or counselor has adequate time to complete the letter and any academic evaluations required.

During freshman year, students are introduced to the Naviance program. Each student is provided an access code in order to create their individual, personalized account. Students are encouraged to log into Naviance frequently to research potential careers as well colleges that may interest them.  Students can also use Naviance to schedule tasks and view upcoming events such as college admissions representative visits.

Counselors will conduct classroom guidance lessons with students to assist them in completing career assessments as follows:

  • Grade 9 – Personality
  • Grade 10 – Career Interest Profiler
  • Grade 11 – Strengths Explorer

Following the introduction of Naviance, parents of ninth graders are invited to create an account in the Naviance program.  A letter is sent to parents/guardians of ninth graders that includes the access codes parents need to create their account.  If at any time, parents/guardians have difficulty accessing Naviance, they are encouraged to contact the counseling office for assistance.


National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Students who are interested in pursuing a Division I or II athletic opportunity in college, must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  It is recommended that students create their account and begin this process at the end of their sophomore year.  In order to be academically eligible for Division I and II athletics, students must meet initial eligibility standards by completing a set of high school courses that are approved by the NCAA.  Please note that not all courses that meet NYS graduation requirements are approved courses.  The link below will allow student athletes to search for courses that are approved for Goshen High School.

Once students have created their NCAA account and have a NCAA number, they must complete two release forms and submit them to the guidance office for the processing of their transcript to the NCAA.  An initial transcript will be sent to NCAA upon receipt of the release forms and a final high school transcript will be sent in July following graduation.

Students who transfer schools during high school must request a transcript to be sent to the NCAA directly from each high school attended.

NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA – Search for High School Approved Courses

NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Senior Meetings

Beginning in late September counselors will begin meeting individually with seniors.  The goal of the senior meeting is to review the academic transcript, schedule and progress toward graduation.  Counselors will also review post-secondary plans with students to identify any assistance needed as students take steps to achieve their postsecondary goal.  Counselors can assist students with resume completion, career research, college applications and general financial aid questions.  Students are encouraged to schedule follow up meetings with their counselor as needed throughout their senior year.


Students are encouraged to become familiar with the scholarship information available in the Naviance Student program.  As the guidance office is notified of scholarships available to students, information is posted in the Naviance system.  Most scholarships are for seniors; however, there are awards posted for underclassmen as well.  There are additional scholarship resources available for students.

The Goshen High School Common Scholarship application is made available during the second semester of senior year.  This packet includes a variety of scholarships that students can apply for.  Each scholarship has specific criteria as well as components of the application that are required.  This information is set by the scholarship donors/organization.  Scholarship availability and amounts are also determined by scholarship donors and are subject to change.  Students must apply for each scholarship they qualify for.

When the application is available, seniors are notified and encouraged to apply.  Scholarship recipients are typically notified at the annual Goshen High School Scholarship Banquet held in June.

United States Military & Academies

For students interested in pursuing a career in the armed services, it is important to review the opportunities and requirements of each military branch.  Military applicants are required to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).  The ASVAB can also be used as a career assessment tool and some students who are not interested in the military specifically will also take the assessment.  The ASVAB is administered at Goshen High School once each year, usually during the month of March.  Students must sign up in the Guidance Office to be included in the test administration.

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is a college program offered at more than 1,700 colleges and universities that prepares students to pursue a career as an officer in the military.  Students who are awarded an ROTC scholarship receive a full tuition scholarship in exchange for a commitment to serve in the military after graduation.

Students who are interested in applying to a military academy must be knowledgeable about the requirements, application components and strict timeline for each academy.

Working Papers

Students who are 14-17 years of age who are interested in obtaining part or full time employment must complete an application for a working certificate (working papers).  There are rules and regulations that employers must follow when employing school aged students.  The Employment certificate (working papers) application is available in the nurse’s office at the High School.  As part of the application process, students must have had a physical examination in the previous year.

Additional Support for Academic Intervention, Tutoring, Test Preparation

The following agencies, individuals and websites are not directly affiliated with the Goshen CSD but can assist with academics, career and college planning as well as test preparation.

Some websites may ask for students to set up an account or provide information.  We recommend that students consult with their parents/guardians before providing any personal identifying information.  Also, GCSD email does not allow students to receive email from outside sources and therefore, students should use their personal email address to ensure they are able to receive email communications from outside sources.

Social/Emotional Support & Counseling


Individual Support

The guidance office staff along with the school psychologists and social worker can provide support to students on an individual basis for academic, personal, social and emotional concerns.  Individual interventions are provided on an as needed basis and address concerns that impact student’s ability to focus on their academic school day.  If the personal, social and emotional concerns require ongoing intervention and counseling support, counselors can assist families with information regarding community agencies who may be able to provide the ongoing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly support a student needs.

Some students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan may receive scheduled counseling with a social worker or psychologist during their school day at the high school.

Group Support

At times, guidance personnel, the school psychologist and social worker may facilitate a group session for conflict resolution, effective communication or relationship building.

Some students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan may receive scheduled group counseling with a social worker or psychologist during their school day at the high school.

Community Support, Services & Referral Agencies

If you are looking for information regarding support in our community and beyond, please review the information below:

Orange County Children’s Services

  • OCDMH Child & Family Clinic (Newburgh): 845-568-5260
  • OCDMH Port Jervis MH Clinic: 845-858-1456
  • ACCESS: Supports for Living: 888-750-2266
  • Garnet Health Counseling Center: 845-333-7801
  • 911 Emergency Services: DIAL 911
  • Orange County Crisis Call Center (Mobile Response): Dial – 311 (Orange Co.)/ 1-800-832-1200 (outside Orange Co)
  • ACCESS Mental Health & Substance Use Urgent Care: 1-888-750-2266
  • Garnet Health Medical Center/Access Center: 845-333-1621
  • Bon Secours Hospital: 845-858-7121
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension (Relatives as Parent Program – RAPP): 845-344-1234
  • ACCESS: Supports for Living
    • Family Support Coordinator: 845-360-8291
    • Youth Educational School Services (YESS): 845-421-6622
  • Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc. (MHA)
    • Family Support Coordinator for Adult Services: 845-342-2400
    • Family Support Coordinator for Children’s Services: 845-342-2400
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Orange): 845-956-6264
  • Voices United 4 Change Outreach Coordinator: 845-360-8291
  • Child Protective Services 24 Hour Toll Free Hotline: 1-800-342-3720
  • Dispute Resolution Center (Mediation): 845-372-8771
  • Orange County Crisis Call Center (Mobile Response): Dial – 311 (Orange Co.) 1-800-832-1200 (outside Or. Co)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Merakey of Orange County Intake Unit (Assessment of service needs of children and families in non-Child Protective Service (CPS) Matters): 845-561-1038
  • Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter “A Friends House”: 845-343-0970
  • SAYART (Sexually Aggressive Youth Assessment and Referral Team): 845-561-8050 x15
  • TEXT 4 Teens: 845-391-1000
  • The Children’s Grieving Center (Hospice): 845-561-6111
  • Access Mental Health & Substance Use Urgent Care: 1-888-750-2266
  • Intensive Day Treatment (Access through school district)
    • Chester (age 5-11): 845-469-2270 x10955
    • Goshen – Arden Hill Campus (age 11-17): 845-615-0224
  • Orange County Children’s Outreach Team: 845-673-9127 / 845-360-6710
  • MHA Friend’s Social Skills Group (9-17 yr old): 845-342-2400
  • RSS Recreation Respite Program: 845-615-9019
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council: 845-294-9000
  • Catholic Charities (outpatient treatment): 845-562-8255
  • Garnet Health Family Program (outpatient treatment): 845-333-7819
  • Restart Day Treatment (age 13-21) (Access through school district): 845-291-0200 x32295
  • Developmental Disability Services: 845-291-2600
  • Orange County Children’s Services: 845-291-2610
  • Children’s Single Point of Access (C-SPOA)
    • Coordinator: 845-360-2611
    • For Referral and Information: 845-360-6710

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District Psychologist

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GHS School Social Worker

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