District Cyber Attack Updates: At this time, little new information is known. Announcements will continue to be shared via email/text when temporary phone numbers are available for community and district communication. News related to the cyber attack, including information about summer programs, can be found here: GCSD Cyber Attack Updates

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Classroom Coliseum

A person in a blue, gray and red gladiator mascot costume holds headphones up to their ear and sits in front of a hanging microphone. The Goshen Central School District gladiator logo is in the corner and the text reads "Classroom Coliseum, Podcast Home of the Goshen Gladiators, Listen on Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio."

The “Classroom Coliseum” podcast celebrates positive aspects of the Goshen Central School District.

Hosted by Jon Redeker, the show features interviews with teachers, administrators, coaches, students, and more, highlighting the successes of school programs.

The episodes delve into the passion and dedication of the team, exploring why they are invested in their roles and what they love about Goshen Schools.

Broadcast to SpotifyApple Podcasts, and iHeartRadio, the podcast offers a convenient platform for a broad audience to discover the inspiring stories within the Goshen Gladiators community.