Two students write with pencils sitting at desksThe faculty and staff of the Goshen Central School District are dedicated to educating the “whole child” and preparing students for successful careers and rewarding lives.

Goshen offers a K-12 program designed to promote the academic and personal development of all students, regardless of their abilities or future plans. Our curriculum aligns with New York State Learning Standards. Each teacher develops lesson plans for the school year with the option to cover topics at appropriate times.

Educational programs are designed to meet the needs of all students regardless of their abilities or future plans. The elementary classes are reasonably sized to allow staff to provide programs for students in need of remediation, as well as for those who are gifted.

The secondary program is diverse with many offerings, which include extended ranges of academic subjects as well as fine arts, music, business, physical education, technology and Family and Consumer Science. Latin and advanced placement courses such as biology, English, French, Spanish, calculus and U. S. history are taught.

Students in grades 9-12 can join a variety of clubs, such as National Honor Society, Mock Trial, Student Senate and the school newspaper, to name only a few. Every student is encouraged to enrich his or her school experience by participating in at least one activity each year.

The district’s special education program is supplemented by the outstanding staff and facilities of the Orange-Ulster BOCES. A broad array of occupational preparation programs are also pursued by Goshen students at the BOCES complex which is only three miles away from the district’s own campus.

Approximately 90 percent of our graduates enroll in further education, with many of the nation’s highly competitive colleges and universities regularly represented among their destinations. Goshen’s dropout rate is normally below one percent and standardized test results are consistently good.

If you have any questions about your child’s academic program, please contact the classroom teacher or the building principal.