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Image of a child with a red heart in their hand reaching out to a balloon in the shape of a heart that reads "GCSD SEPTSA Goshen Central School District Special Education Parent Teacher Student Association).

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Special Education Parent Teacher Student Association

A SEPTSA is a unit interested in the issues of education, advocacy, and the support of special needs children, including those who are gifted and talented. SEPTSA encompasses an entire district and is extended to those in the community outside the district as well.

SEPTSA runs similarly to a Parent Teacher Association (PTA). However, the focus of SEPTSA is to bring awareness, information, speakers, parent/guardian and student support groups, and resources
specifically aimed at parents/guardians and educators in the special needs community.


  • Build a community Special Needs Resource list
  • Quiet Lunch Spaces
  • SEPTSA will offer volunteer hours for students
  • SEPTSA present for quiet space rooms with sensory activities during school events (Dances, Trunk
    or Treat, Field Days)

Agenda for the 23/24 year


Sequence workshops spaced out no further than 3 weeks for Fall 2023, dates to be announced monthly:

  • Comprehensive Understanding IEP/504 (Meghan Danielle, IEP Advocate, private practice) October 24, 7-8 p.m.,
  • IEP/504 Legal Rights (Ashley Salte, Managing Attorney, The Children’s Rights Society) November 14, 7-8 p.m., Goshen High School Library (virtual: meet.google.com/rcb-sycc-exi)
  • Advocacy Building for parents and students (Lara Morrison, Local Attorney)

Additional workshops:

  • The Spectrum of ADHD (Sarah White, LMHC and Certified Clinical Service Provider for ADHD)
  • Reinforcing Executive Functioning Study Skills (Dr. Warren, ED.D)
  • Independent Living & Medically Fragile Students (Suzanne Aleman and Independent Living)
  • May: Mental Health Awareness Month (Dhanu Mhabdi, President, Orange County Mental Health Association)
  • Self Care for Special Needs Caregivers and Students (Wendy Javier, CMMMP and Owner, “I Choose Me”)
  • O.G. A Multi Sensory Learning Approach (Suzanne Aleman and Sam Michaelson)


  • Celebration of Capabilities (date TBD)
  • Monthly Parent to Parents Support Groups (Students Welcome) October 16, 7-8 p.m., 45 St. Johns Street, Goshen, NY
    • future dates will be announced monthly
  • Sensory Yoga (dates TBD)
  • Fundraising Event (Music, Yoga Class, Face Painting, Local Food Truck) planning for Spring

2023-24 Officers

Sarah White, president
Jacqueline Demers, vice president
Suzanna Aleman, vice president
Samantha Michaelson, secretary
Sabrina Knudsen, co-secretary
Lara Morrison, treasurer


  • gcsdseptsa@gmail.com
  • septsa@gcsny.org

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