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SAS Student Programs

Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School students participate in three Special Area subjects each week for 40 minutes. Music and library classes are offered once per week, and physical education classes meet twice each week for 40 minutes. All students attend a computer class each week in our Technology Learning Center, and first and second grade students attend art class once each week.

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Special Area Instructor: Teegan Kennedy-Ewald

All first and second grade students attend one 40-minute art class each week. Numerous topics are covered, including drawing and painting, sculpture, print making, the color wheel and different media. Students will enjoy interdisciplinary work with classroom and other special area teachers during music programs, concerts and plays. They will also learn about art history and will study famous artists related to class work, such as Matisse, O’Keefe, Pollack, da Vinci, Degas and Van Gogh.

Instructional Technology

Special Area Instructor: Michelle Girardi

Kindergarten, first and second grade students attend one 40-minute computer class each week. Students learn computer safety, how to use a keyboard and mouse, how to navigate the Internet, and how to use e-mail. Learning is enhanced by a number of different software programs. Students will learn to use technology equipment such as digital cameras, palm pilots and SMART Boards.


Special Area Instructor: Amy Gargiulo

Students in grades K-2 attend one 40-minute library skills class every other week on B-weeks. During A-weeks, kindergarten students attend library classes to expose them to library procedures, skill review, and a variety of reading genres, while first and second grade students visit the library  with their classroom teachers to participate in book exchange, research projects or literature appreciation.

The SAS Library Database is available for teachers, students and parents to access at anytime. Please contact Mrs. Gargiulo for password information. 

Visit the SAS Library Database.


Special Area Instructor: Andrew O’Neil

Kindergarten, first, and second grade students attend one 40-minute music class each week. Additionally, first and second grade students have chorus for half of the year once a week for 40 minutes, culminating in performances  such as the Winter Concert for first grade and the Spring Moving Up Ceremony for second grade.

The elementary music program curriculum is comprehensive, purposeful, and aligns with New York State Standards. There are opportunities for all to actively participate, create, perform and respond. Some of the concepts students are introduced to include melody, rhythm, harmony, tone, form, style, dynamics, movement, singing skills, and tempo. Students will have the opportunity to experience different rhythm instruments, and will be exposed to a wide repertoire of music genres, styles and cultures.

Physical Education

Special Area Instructors: Dr. Matthew O’Brien and Matthew Sass

All Scotchtown Avenue students attend two 40-minute physical education classes each week. During physical education, students learn a balance of skills, concepts, games, movements and fitness. The curriculum is aligned with New York State Learning Standards and designed to enhance child’s physical fitness, social and cognitive skills. Popular activities include rhythm and dance, educational gymnastics, track and field, fitness awareness, field day activities and Kindergarten Festival.