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About Scotchtown Avenue School (SAS)

About SAS | Attendance

About SAS

Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School educates students in grades K-2.

Image of Kristin Driscoll, Principal

Kristin Driscoll, Principal

“It has always been my dream to lead an elementary school that focuses on early childhood education. I loved teaching kindergarten and believe that making an educational impact on students during their early years can set a strong foundation for success, and develop lifelong learners.”

– Kristin Driscoll

Erica Cruz, Assistant Principal

I am honored to join the Goshen community and work alongside passionate educators, committed parents, and talented students. I believe strong relationships are at the heart of a positive school community. My goal is to be a support for staff, students, and families to encourage an environment of collaboration and celebrate the unique talents of every student. Together, we can build a solid foundation to develop a community of lifelong learners and empower our students to reach their full potential.

Erica Cruz


For your convenience, Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School parents and guardians can report a child’s absence, for any reason, via email. Contact the Attendance Office at sas.attendance@gcsny.org.

What should you include in the absence email?

The following items should be included when emailing the attendance office to report your child’s absence:

  • The student’s full name and grade
  • The email author’s full name and relationship to student
  • A phone number where you can be reached
  • Whether the student is absent or tardy
  • The date of the student’s absence or tardy
  • A reason for the student’s absence:
    • Excused absences include: sick, emergency medical appointment, court attendance, death in immediate family, college visitation, religious observance, approved school activity
    • Unexcused absences include: overslept, vacation, missed the bus, wedding, no child care, no transportation, family visit, didn’t want to attend school