Mathnasium summer programs for grades 1-8

The Mathnasium summer program takes place over the course of four weeks, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday through Thursday for students in grades 1-8. Each day includes one hour of Mathnasium instruction.

A graphic with photos of children running in the woods with backpacks and cartoon shapes on top of a surf board with beach equipment. The text reads "Make Mathnasium part of your summer plans."

Week One – 7/29-8/1 – Mathematical Art

Can art intersect with math? It sure can! Let us explore some famous art and expand our imagination to make Mandala Lanterns, Tessellations, and so much more. We will explore symmetry and learn to solve problems in creative and innovative ways.

Week Two – 8/5-8/8 – Patterns in Nature

Observing and identifying patterns is an important math and science skill and the foundation for many more complex concepts. There are so many math patterns in nature-which makes it the perfect place for kids to practice. Come let us explore nature!

Week Three – 8/12-8/15 – Engineering Marvels

Do you want to build a paper airplane and fly it as far as possible? Are you able to build a strong bridge that can hold 500 pennies? Do you want to design your own catapult? Then come join Camp Mathnasium: Engineering Marvels!

Week Four – 8/19-8/22 – STEM Challenges

You know what’s awesome… Good STEM challenges, especially things like chain reactions and opportunities to build with simple materials! These challenges will inspire hours of creativity, coordination, patience and engineering skills.

Fees: $200/week for Mathnasium students, in addition to monthly sessions; $300/week for non-Mathnasium students

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