#FacultyFriday: Myah Dewitt

Graphic with a photo of a woman and the text "Meet AIS Math Teacher Myah Dewitt."

This week’s spotlight is on Goshen High School AIS Math Teacher Myah Dewitt, an educator who joined the Goshen Central School District at the start of the 2023-’24 school year.

Before joining Goshen schools this past September, Dewitt worked in the Monticello Central School District as an 8th grade math and algebra teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Master of Science in Education from Mount Saint Mary College.

Dewitt is a lifelong New York State resident and has multiple family members who attended and graduated from Goshen High School.

“I have always heard great things about Goshen schools,” said Dewitt. “I have lived in Orange County my entire life and remember coming to the Goshen schools for basketball games when I was on the Minisink Valley basketball team.”

When asked what her main goals were for this school year, Dewitt said, “My ultimate goal is to help the students achieve their academic goals.

“I strive to create an environment where students feel they can share their academic struggles and work to improve their mathematics skills,” she said. “I will design activities, worksheets and online practices to help strengthen and reinforce their math skills so that they can be successful in their academic endeavors.”

This year, Dewitt is most looking forward to working collaboratively with other GHS educators.

“Many of the teachers and staff here are filled with experience that they are willing to share with others,” she said. “It is exciting to hear their stories and methods, and how they and the students have benefitted from them.”

Outside work, Dewitt enjoys hiking, playing with her two crazy French bulldogs, and reading mystery/crime novels.

BONUS FACT: The math educator’s favorite dish is pasteles.

“It is a Puerto Rican dish that is usually made during the fall and winter months,” she said. “This is my favorite dish because in my family we usually make it for events where the entire family comes together. It is tied to a lot of fond memories from my childhood.

“During the pandemic, I was able to learn how to make it with my mother,” said Dewitt. “It was great to be able to drop them off to family members while staying distanced for safety.”

Thank you so much for all you do, Myah Dewitt! We appreciate you!