#FacultyFriday: Michelle Killenberger

A graphic with a photo of a blonde-haired woman and the text "Meet CJH Health Educator Michelle Killenberger."

This week’s faculty spotlight is on Michelle Killenberger, a C.J. Hooker Middle School health educator who has been working with the district for almost 14 years.

Killenberger earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Science and master’s degree in Health Education before beginning her career at the Rockland County Health Department as a public health educator. She joined the Goshen Central School District in 2000.

The health educator said she chose to come to Goshen schools because she has lived in Orange County her entire life.

“My mom as well as my husband are Goshen graduates,” she said. “I knew it had a great reputation.”

As a teacher with a focus on health education, Killenberger’s goals are rooted in making a positive impact on the lives of her students.

“My goal has always been to make sure my students have the knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions for themselves,” she said.

Outside work, Killenberger said she enjoys all outdoor activities.

“I love to walk, hike, work out, kayak and play with my dog,” she said.

BONUS FACT: Although Killenberger is a health educator, she loves ice cream.

“I know that doesn’t seem good coming from a health teacher, but anyone close to me knows how much I love it!”

Thank you so much, Michelle Killenberger, for all you do! We appreciate you (and can relate to loving ice cream, too)!