#FacultyFriday: George McElroy

A graphic with an image of a man cuddling with a brown dog and the text "Meet CJH Custodial Worker George McElroy."

This week’s spotlight is not on a faculty member, but a Goshen employee nonetheless! George McElroy, a custodial worker at C.J. Hooker Middle School, has been in his role for two years.

McElroy worked in farming, as a mechanic, and in landscaping before coming to the Goshen Central School District in 2022.

When asked why he wanted to join GCSD, McElroy said, “It’s a great school district.”

His goals include becoming head custodian, and he said he most looks forward to meeting new people each day on the job.

Outside work, McElroy enjoys working on cars, and hanging out with his new wife- to whom he was recently married this past October 13.

McElroy’s favorite food is pizza, and if you ask him why, his answer is a simple but honest one:

“Because I just love pizza,” he said.

Thank you so much for all you do, George McElroy! We appreciate you and the entire custodial department here in the district!