#FacultyFriday: Crystal Panatelli

A graphic with a photo of a woman and the text "Meet SAS Teacher Aide Crystal Panatelli."

This week’s focus is on Goshen Teacher Aide Crystal Panatelli, and education professional who has been with the district for almost a year.

Before joining the Goshen Central School District, Panatelli worked as a bus monitor, in food service, as a substitute teacher assistant at the Washingtonville Central School District, and as a teacher assistant at Abilities First. Now that her career has brought her to work as a one-to-one teacher aide at Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School, she is ramping up her ambitions.

Panatelli earned her associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems from OCCC, as well as a Teaching Assistant Level 1 certification. She hopes to achieve a teacher assistant position here in Goshen, and then continue her education to become a teacher.

The teacher aide said the decision to join the district was easy once she heard about Goshen’s great reputation.

“I heard wonderful things about the district through previous coworkers who had employment with Goshen after leaving Washingtonville,” said Panatelli. I also know families that have had great experiences with their children going to school in this district.

“Both of these reasons are what influenced my decision to come here,” she said.

When asked what she looked forward to most in her role, Panatelli said it is the joy of watching the kids grow and change through the year.

Outside work, Panatelli enjoys playing with her pug Sugar and her cat Trina.

“When my daughter is home from college, I love shopping and trying new food spots with her,” she said.

BONUS FACT: Panatelli said if she could travel back in time to any era, she would go back to the 1960s to see how life was when her mom was growing up.

“It would also give me the chance to meet my grandmother before she passed away in 1966.”

Thank you so much for all you do Crystal Panatelli! We appreciate you!