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Governance Team Handbook

The purpose of the Governance Team Handbook is to provide a helpful and clear resource for members of the Board of Education (“BOE”) and Superintendent of the Goshen Central School District (“District’). Together, the BOE and the District form the “Governance Team” to inform the broader school community of the general practices by which the BOE and Superintendent work to fulfill their responsibilities.

The Superintendent and BOE have distinct and separate roles, responsibilities, and legal authority in carrying out the District’s goals but must operate interdependently as members of the District’s Governance Team. The foundation of effective governance is the common belief that governing as a unified team, with a shared vision to lead and serve the community, transcends individual differences to fulfill a greater purpose. This unity of purpose helps to create and sustain a positive governance leadership culture.

This handbook is a useful tool for the Governance Team to aid in working effectively with professional educators and the public to fulfill the District’s mission, vision, goals and strategic plans. The Governance Team, together with the District administrative team, will strive to work collaboratively to promote outstanding instruction and student achievement, well-being, and civic participation in each of the District’s schools: Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School, Goshen Intermediate School, C.J. Hooker Middle School, and Goshen High School.

This manual is intended to outline how the BOE wishes to conduct business as a body. A violation of any provision of these procedures does not necessarily affect the validity or legality of any board action otherwise properly adopted.

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