Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources and Information

The Goshen Central School District is CLOSED through April 29, as per Governor Cuomo’s executive order, because of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 public health situation. View the latest updates and information (in English and Spanish) including remote learning resources, exam information, meal distribution plan and more by visiting the Coronavirus/COVID-19 web page. This page will be updated frequently so please check back often.

How to register on TEACH

  1. Log in to TEACH at
  2. Click on “View Registration Status.”
  3. Click on “here” to change registration status.
  4. Make a selection either to register or to become inactive. Then click “submit.”
    1. If you choose to become inactive, you are done with the registration process once you click submit.
    2. If you choose to register, then you will continue on to step 5 after you click submit.
  5. Answer the moral character questions, then click “next.”
  6. Answer the child support questions, then click “submit.”
  7. Answer the voluntary questions and click “submit,” or just click “submit.”
  8. Review the Thank You Message, then click “click here to continue.” DO NOT CLOSE THE SCREEN.

The following status will be displayed on the profile section of TEACH with the expiration date of your registration period: “Thank you for completing the registration process! Your registration status is registered.”

To confirm you are registered, click “View Registration Status.” Your five-years will end on the last day of the month prior to your birth month in 2022.