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Share your input on the Foundation Aid formula for state education funding! 

The Foundation Aid formula is the current method used by New York State to allocate a large proportion of State education resources to school districts. It was created in 2007 to consolidate thirty separate school aid programs into one formula, and to then distribute funds based on specific information about each school district, including enrollment, student demographics and needs, expected local contribution, and other factors. 

The current Foundation Aid formula was used as part of New York State’s Enacted State Fiscal Year 2024-25 Budget to allocate more than $24.9 billion in state education funding to local school districts, as part of the overall $35.9 billion State education funding package.

A study is being done by the Rockefeller Institute of Government to assess the State’s Foundation Aid education funding formula and discuss potential changes to how the formula works. 

As part of the Foundation Aid Study, the Rockefeller Institute wants to hear from education stakeholders across New York State, including students, their parents and families, teachers, school staff, and

You can provide feedback and input on the Foundation Aid formula in two ways: 

  • 1. You can submit written comments on the Rockefeller Institute website. 
  • 2. You can register to speak at one of five public hearings happening this July and August in New York City, Buffalo, Farmingdale, Laurens, and Guilderland.

For more information on the Foundation Aid formula, the Study, how you can provide written feedback, and the upcoming public hearings, please visit https://www.rockinst.org/foundation-aid-study/.