SchoolMessenger Notification System

The Goshen Central School District uses the SchoolMessenger Notification System to provide timely communications to Goshen parents/guardians and employees via phone calls, emails and text messages.

If you are not receiving notifications, you will need to verify that your correct contact information is on file with the district.

For parents/guardians:

To verify your contact information, log into your School Tool/Parent Portal account.

  • If your contact information is incorrect in Parent Portal, complete the Email, Phone Numbers and/or Secondary Mailing Address Change Form found on the SchoolTool/Parent Portal page.
  • If you are not registered for a School Tool/Parent Portal account, and wish to register,  visit the Need to Enroll section of the SchoolTool/Parent Portal page.
  • If you are registered for a School Tool/Parent Portal account, but do not know your username and password, visit the Having Trouble Logging In section of the SchoolTool/Parent Portal page.

For district employees:

    SchoolMessenger uses the contact information that employees have on file with the district through WinCap. District employees may only use their district email address for SchoolMessenger – they can not use a personal email address.

    If you aren’t receiving notifications, contact Personnel Coordinator Andrea Ricciardi at AND Public Information Specialist Christina Gore at

    District employees who also have parents in the district should be aware that they will receive separate notifications based on the targeted audience. You will need to verify ALL contact information as an employee AND parent.

    How do I choose what messages to receive?

    SchoolMessenger’s InfoCenter allows parents/guardians and employees to control how they’d like to be contacted, and also works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed. Signing up is easy – using the email address that you have on file with the district, follow these three steps:

    1. Download the InfoCenter by SchoolMessenger App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market. Be sure to select the InfoCenter app, NOT the Admin app. If you’d prefer to sign up via computer, visit
    2. Click the New User button, enter your email address, and create a password. An email will be sent to that address with a secure token.
    3. After authenticating via the token sent to your email, return to InfoCenter and sign in using your email and password.

    Important tips

    • You can receive SchoolMessenger alerts WITHOUT being signed up for InfoCenter. Many people assume that if they are receiving alerts, then they are already signed up. That is not true. Signing up is the first step to choosing your notification preferences. You must sign up before you can log in.
    • Each parent/guardian who has contact information on file with the district will need to sign up/log into his/her own InfoCenter account to make changes to his/her notification preferences.
    • Employees who also have children in the district will need to sign up/log into his/her InfoCenter account for roles using the email address they have on file with the district (work email vs. personal email).
    • It’s best to sign up for InfoCenter as soon as possible so that you will how you will receive alerts in the future. The district can not make notification changes for you. For example, if you do not wish to receive a phone call on snow days, you must sign up/log into your InfoCenter account to change how you are receiving weather alerts.

    Sign up for text messages

    If you are not receiving text messages and wish to receive them, follow these steps:

    1. Verify your contact information in InfoCenter to make sure your cell phone number is correctly listed.
    2. If your cell phone number is listed correctly in InfoCenter, text subscribe to 67587 to receive texts.
    3. If your cell phone number is not listed, or is listed incorrectly, follow the steps above under Verify Your Contact Information.
    4. If you’d like to unsubscribe from text messages, text stop to 67587.