Reopening Our Schools

The Goshen Central School District is working to create a reentry plan for the fall with available guidance from public health and education agencies.

Latest updates

Reopening Committees and Facilitators

Presently, more than 50 volunteers of students, parents, teachers, staff members, board members and administrators have joined the Goshen Schools Reopening Committee and will work collaboratively throughout the next few weeks. These volunteers make up the membership of six sub committees, chaired by a district faculty member or administrator, that will focus on all aspects of the school reopening process in light of COVID-19.

Teaching and Learning

This group will focus on models of learning, scheduling, instructional planning and learning plans for students, and will also identify needs for staff accordingly. Facilitator is Assistant Superintendent Jason Carter.


This group’s focal point will involve ensuring support for all students and adults in the area of social-emotional learning. Facilitators are Goshen High School Assistant Principal/Director of Athletics Matthew O’Brien and Goshen High School Health Teacher Lyn Abrams.

Health & Safety

This group’s target will focus on hygiene, personal protective equipment, social distancing and all other safety and security considerations. Facilitator is Building and Grounds Director James Riley.

Special Education & English Language Learners

This group will focus on the unique needs of our special education and ELL students. Facilitators are Director of Pupil Personnel Services Heather Hendershot and Assistant Director Alyssa Marino.


The core topics of this group will be transportation and food service issues. Facilitators are Transportation Director Karen Wells and Food Services Director Alan Muhlnickel.

Digital Equity and Access

The target of this group is to ensure that all students and staff have digital access to instruction and support. Facilitators are Computer Network Administrator James Sterett and K-12 Technology Coordinator Jonathan Redeker.