High schoolers in Family Living class interview SAS students for children’s book project

The Goshen High School Family Living course, instructed by Lisa Dombrowski, is a course that explores the human lifespan, starting with infancy and ending in old age.

As part of the course, GHS students visit Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School to interview a student they are paired with between Kindergarten and second grade to work on a project.

“Their job is to interview the elementary-aged student and ask them questions that will help them develop and idea for a children’s book,” said Dombrowski. “Once they’ve gathered the answers, the high school students create a summary of a story based on the answers of their interviewees.”

The project culminated in a cover page and summary of a book.

This semester, students in the course were paired with Laura Mullane’s second grade class. Once the projects are completed, the high school students with send the finished pieces to the second grade class.

“This is an authentic learning experience for both my high schoolers and the elementary school students,” Dombrowski said. “Both always provide positive feedback after the experience and genuinely enjoy the project!”