#FacultyFriday: Pam Murphy

A graphic with an image of a woman with the text "Meet CJH Music & Chorus Teacher Pam Murphy."

This week we are spotlighting Pam Murphy, a chorus and music teacher at C.J. Hooker Middle School who has been with the district for seven years.

The musician earned a bachelor’s degree in Voice and Instrumental Music Education and a master’s degree in Music Education before first joining the faculty at Valley Central Middle and High School to teach music.

Murphy is also a professional singer and songwriter, co-owner of the Hudson Valley Conservatory of Fine Arts, and New York State School Music Association Adjudicator.

When she came to Goshen in 2016, Murphy said she made the decision because the district has an “outstanding reputation with its academic standards.

“The music department has been highly regarded as one of the county’s best programs,” she said. “The atmosphere is always warm and inviting.”

The music teacher’s goal, she said, is to bring as much enjoyment in music as possible while still teaching the necessary skills to become a successful musician.

“I look forward to watching the students grow and nurture their gifts,” Murphy said. “It is amazing to see them perform in concerts and other school events.”

Outside work, Murphy enjoys hiking, running, rock scrambling, paddle boarding, writing music, playing the flute, recording music, and performing piano and vocals in a couple local rock bands.

BONUS FACT: If she could travel back in time to meet anyone from history, Murphy said she would want to meet one of the most admired composers in the history of Western music.

“I would have loved to be able to meet Ludwig van Beethoven, and to experience what it would be like to perform his music with him conducting me.”

Thank you for all you do, Pam Murphy! We appreciate you!