#FacultyFriday: Marie Jane Panzer

This week’s spotlight is on Marie Jane Panzer, a Goshen High School history teacher who has been with the district for 17 years.

Panzer has been teaching for 25 years, and came to Goshen in 2006 after working at Monticello Middle School for one year and Beacon High School for six years.

The choice to come to Goshen, she said, came from her experiences growing up and attending school in the district herself.

“I was fortunate to be able to come back home and teach in the building that made me want to pursue history education,” she said. “It has been a gift to teach here, and have my kids go through the district as well.”

Outside work, the social studies educator said she enjoys traveling, reading, hiking and watching movies with her daughters.

BONUS FACT: Panzer said she couldn’t choose just one event, time period, or person from history she would like to visit if she had the opportunity.

“I can think of someone from every region and time period,” she said. “I suppose it is an occupational hazard of a world history teacher.”

Thank you so much, Marie Jane Panzer, for all you do! We appreciate you!