#FacultyFriday: Jennifer Cascino

This week’s spotlight is on Goshen High School Art Teacher Jennifer Cascino, an educator who has been with the district for almost four years.

Before coming to Goshen, Cascino earned her undergraduate degree in Illustration from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in Art Education from City College of New York. She worked as a graphic designer, art and creative director for Glamour magazine, Architectural Digest and other Conde Nast publications for 23 years. Most recently, she shifted careers to become an art teacher in Brooklyn before joining the district in 2021.

“I worked and lived in New York City for 21 years, but visited Cornwall monthly before moving there two and a half years ago,” Cascino said. “My husband grew up in Cornwall as the youngest of ten kids.

“My family is local,” she said, “and I wanted to teach creativity in a school that supported the arts as a major asset in a child’s development.”

Cascino said she wants the classes she teaches to be a part of the day students can look forward to.

“I want to encourage high school students to have a positive outlook and attitude toward looking at daily issues and problems creatively,” said the art educator. “My goal is to awaken a creative spirit within a student who maybe doesn’t even realize creativity is a core part of their identity.

“The art room is a place where a young artist can push who they are and what they are capable of,” said Cascino.

As part of her mission to offer art options that foster student creativity, Cascino started the graphic design curriculum two years ago and launched a full ceramics program this year.

Outside work, Cascino is a long-distance runner, and takes ceramics classes. She also enjoys learning American Sign Language.

Thank you, Jennifer Cascino, for all you do! We appreciate you!