School Safety

The Goshen Central School District is committed to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff. We continue to monitor and study the needs of our schools in order to make necessary changes to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Latest School Safety News

Code of Conduct

The District believes the order and discipline must be a shared responsibility between school,
home and community. This Code of Conduct was developed in collaboration with student,
teacher, administrator and parent organizations, school safety personnel and other board
approved school personnel. Learn more about the Code of Conduct.

The New York State Dignity for All Students Act

The New York State Dignity for All Students Act (DASA or Dignity Act) went into effect on July 1, 2012, in order to further support students within a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment and bullying. Learn more about DASA.

Project SAVE (Schools Against Violence in Education)

In 2000, New York enacted the most comprehensive legislative plan in the nation to govern safety and orderliness within New York State schools with the goal of improving school safety in every school to ensure that students are focused on meeting the high academic standards rather than on personal safety. Learn more about Project SAVE.

Safety practices at Goshen Schools

  • Identification badges are provided and required for all school employees, visitors and substitutes.
  • Fingerprinting and background checks are completed for all prospective employees.
  • The exterior doors of our four schools are kept locked throughout the school day.
  • A single point of entry is required for our schools. Students, staff and visitors must enter and exit through the front doors/greeter stations only.
  • At Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School and Goshen Intermediate School, visitors must stand in front of a small camera/intercom system within the front vestibule and ring a bell to notify the greeter, who will inquire via intercom as to the purpose of the visitor’s visit before being “buzzed in” to the building during school hours.
  • At C. J. Hooker Middle School, visitors must show identification and sign in at the greeter station before being “buzzed in” to the building during school hours.
  • At Goshen High School, visitors must show identification and sign in with the school’s student supervisors when they enter the school, adjacent to the main office. Goshen High School will soon receive a new security vestibule at the main entrance where visitors are screened and “buzzed in” before gaining access into the building during school hours. Learn more about the new security vestibule.
  • Building administrators are able to view video surveillance by connecting to the district’s security camera system over our local area network.
  • The district’s security camera system is hooked up to the 911 call center so that emergency workers can view surveillance firsthand. The Village Police Department also has this capability.
  • Our schools actively practice emergency drills in case of a fire, tornado, lockdown or other emergency situation.
  • District officials work closely with the Goshen Police Department to ensure the safety of our students.

For more information, contact 845-615-6720 or view the district-wide school safety plan.

Pesticide application notification

The Goshen Central School District is required to notify you when pesticide products may be used in school buildings throughout the year. Parents, guardians and staff may request a 48-hour advance written notification of certain pesticide applications, including the date and place the pesticide will be used, the name of the pesticide and its Environmental Protection Agency registration number, and who to contact
for more information.

If you want to be placed on the list, you may obtain a written request form in the main office of any school
building or at the District Office, 227 Main Street, Goshen. You may request a form by mail by writing to the Director of Buildings & Grounds, C. J. Hooker Middle School, 41 Lincoln Avenue, Goshen, New York.

Asbestos inspection

In accordance with U.S. Department of Environmental Protection regulations, the district inspects all buildings that contain asbestos every three years and includes the results of those inspections in the asbestos management plan. The district is in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency
Response Act (AHERA).

The asbestos in the district is monitored and inspected every six months to determine its condition and any need for repair or removal. The district uses only certified and licensed individuals for activities such as inspecting, repairing, handling and removing asbestos-containing materials.

Individuals interested in viewing the inspection reports may do so at any of our buildings’ main offices
or the Buildings and Grounds Department.