Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing Results July 2021

In 2016, New York became the first state in the nation to require all public schools to test all sources of drinking water for lead. If a water outlet is found to have a lead level above the state’s “action level” of 15 parts per billion (ppb) a district must take immediate steps to prohibit use of the outlet for drinking or cooking purposes; implement a remediation plan; and ensure that students and staff have an adequate supply of water for drinking and cooking in the meantime.

School districts are also required to report the water testing results to the state and local departments of health, the New York State Education Department and district employees, parents and guardians.

The school district has received results of recent testing conducted on a sampling of kitchen, bathroom and classroom sinks throughout the district. Of the 259 sources tested, 16 were found to exceed 15 ppb as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to the EPA, lead enters drinking water primarily from eroding materials that contain lead such as faucets, fittings and pipes.

The affected sources are:

Goshen Intermediate School

(Tested May 3, 2021: 55 total sources tested; 1 exceeds 15 ppb)

  • Gym teachers office bathroom sink

C. J. Hooker Middle School Tested

(May 5, 2021: 58 sources tested, 9 exceed 15 ppb)

  • 104 Girls Gang Bathroom Sink 1
  • 104 Girls Gang Bathroom Sink 3
  • 104 Girls Gang Bathroom Sink 4
  • OU BOCES Athletic office kitchen sink
  • Health Office Ice Machine
  • 157 Girls Gang Sink 1
  • 157 Boys Gang Sink 1
  • Room 160 Prep
  • Basement Buildings and Grounds office kitchen sink

Goshen High School

(Tested April 27, 2021: 38 sources tested, 3 exceeds 15 ppb)

  • Kitchen by exit door
  • Room A 225 prep sink
  • Room A 132 classroom sink

Main Street Building

(14 sources tested, 1 exceeds 15 ppb)

  • Superintendent’s office bathroom sink

C. J. Hooker Field House

(3 sources tested, 2 exceed 15 ppb)

  • Concession stand sink
  • Men’s bathroom sink

Water sources tested at Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School (82), the Athletics complex (7), and C. J. Hooker Annex (2) resulted in no sources exceeding 15 ppb).

All affected water sources have been posted with “Do Not Drink” signs.

We are evaluating the higher than normal levels. We believe it is due to the school being vacant for several months during the height of the pandemic, and then less populated for prolonged periods as hybrid learning resumed. Faucets may also be in need of replacement due to age. The district will flush the system and/or replace the faucet, then have the level retested in the next few weeks.

The district will notify families of any additional actions regarding water testing or remediation that may be necessary moving forward.