Food Allergy Awareness

Actionable Recommendations for Changes in Practice

Outside food coming into the classroom

Put in place an administrative “procedure” that eliminates/controls outside food for classroom celebrations, such as birthday and holiday parties.

  •  Replace celebratory food with alternative festivities; for example:
    • Provide a special guest book to be signed by classmates in honor of the birthday girl/boy
    • Announce birthdays over the school’s PA system during morning announcements
    • Create a craft or small art project
    • Supply “safe” allergy-free food, provided by the Food Services Department
  • Communicate with families about procedural changes

Communications with students

Help educate students about food allergies, including how to be safe, how they impact lives and how to help a friend in need.

  • Host informal peer discussions/presentations between younger students and their older peers who have food allergies
  • Host at least one educational assembly per year at Scotchtown Avenue and Goshen Intermediate
  • Host a Food Allergy Awareness Week with numerous activities, including but not limited to:
    • Invite guest readers to read food allergy-related stories
    • Teach students to effectively read food labels
    • Teach proper hand washing
    • Show educational, food allergy-related videos
    • Host a poster contest
  • Create age-appropriate posters to hang around Scotchtown Avenue and Goshen Intermediate for awareness

Communications with parents and staff

Help educate staff about food allergies and how they can help keep students safe.

  • Host trainings for substitutes during orientations
  • Provide resources for teachers to use at their discretion

Help educate parents about food allergies and how they can help keep students safe.

  • Reinforce food allergy policies during parent orientations
  • Revise form letters to communicate and remind parents about food allergy policies
  • Develop/provide educational materials for parents to raise awareness
  • Use SchoolMessenger e-mails to effectively communicate with parents throughout the school year

Other goals

  • Utilize PTOs for outreach
  • Review concessions for fundraisers
  • Contact Pupil Personnel Services Department regarding severe food allergies
  • Contact school nurse/building administrator regarding changes in health issues