Code of Conduct revisions adopted 9/5

The new Code of Conduct has been adopted after revisions were accepted at the Sept. 5 public hearing.

Access the previous Code of Conduct.

Access the adopted 2023 Code of Conduct.

Summary of Changes

  • Language has been adjusted to make it easier to read and understand, and to make the Code more positive in nature.
  • Restorative actions have been implemented, including:
    • solution-oriented rather than punitive approaches, to allow students to learn from their mistakes and learn pro-social skills to use in the future, and
    • the incorporation of tiered responses and interventions.
  • Adjustments have been made to make the Code more culturally responsive.
  • Consistency between schools and across grade levels has been applied.
  • Support staff information and mental health supports have been added (DASA Coordinators, school-based support resources, mental health first aid resources).
  • Expungement of discipline has been added:
    • to allow for a one-time opportunity during the course of a student’s career via Board of Education application for short-term out-of-school suspension (not more than 5 school days).
    • **Discipline involving serious bodily injury, use and/or possession of weapons, and illegal drugs/controlled substances will not be considered.