Class of 2022 alum, entrepreneur Andrew Rampulla, inspires business students at GHS

A manin his early 20s speaks to a classroom of students and gestures with his hand in front of a smart screen projector.

Earlier this month, Class of 2022 graduate Andrew Rampulla spoke to members of Goshen High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) about his experience creating The Softwash Company, a power washing business he launched during his senior year. 

“Just start,” he urged the students sitting where he sat two years ago. “A lot of people wait for the perfect time or certain conditions; they delay their goals and aspirations. Just get one percent better every day. You’ll inevitably see progress if you just keep going. You’ll be surprised how far that takes you.” 

Crediting support from the high school, local community and mentors, Rampulla’s entrepreneurial venture has grown into a full-blown business over the past two years.

“Everyone was super supportive and just wanted to help,” said Rampulla. “It’s just a testament to how in Goshen we really have a great, tight-knit community.”

Goshen High School Business Teacher and FBLA Advisor Danielle Linguanti said watching Rampulla’s growth as a young entrepreneur has been a gratifying journey. 

“Witnessing his personal and professional growth has been nothing short of inspiring,” she said. “Andrew has navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship, and displayed resilience and determination. His ability to innovate, coupled with his passion for his business venture, will surely propel him toward success.”

FBLA member Valentina Santoro said Rampulla’s passion, intelligence and determination shone in his presentation and that he made achieving business goals seem possible.

“He explored the key aspects of business, his personal experience, and the challenges he faced while remaining completely truthful and transparent about his journey,” Valentina said. “His passion and hard work inspires me to pursue my own goals of entering the business world.”  

Another FBLA member, Judah Gordon, said that Rampulla’s presentation made for an honest, casual conversation where questions were welcome and the discussion was based on student inquiry.

“Andrew plainly told us that his business, power washing, was just the first step in his plans,” Judah said. “It was refreshing to hear a successful business person remove the familiar fluff in presentations and say what he really believes. Andrew ingrained in me the idea that the best step is the next step.”

In addition to Linguanti, Rampulla cites History Teacher Carmina Villegas and AP Language Teacher Eric Harris as having a powerful impact his senior year because of the way they fostered critical thinking in class.

“Honestly, the entire staff at Goshen is amazing,” he said. “I learned the foundations for business, but also the foundations for life. Business is a reflection of your personal life, so if you have that in check, your business follows.”

Rampulla said benefits to owning his own business include time freedom, setting his own schedule and operating on his own terms. For any students interested in starting their own business, he has offered his email address to connect. Rampulla can be reached at