Board Minutes for May 8, 2018

A special meeting of the Members of the Board of Education of the Goshen Central School District, Orange County, New York, was held in the Board of Education Room at the Main Street School on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 to discuss bid results for the capital project.

Mrs. Judy Green, President
Mr. Jason Pucci, Vice President
Mrs. Martha Bogart
Mr. Jeremy Cassel
Mr. Michael Lorenzo
Mr. Thomas Mullane
Mrs. Allison Salte
Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Daniel T. Connor
Assistant Superintendent for Business
Ms. Louise Lynch
Interim Asst. Superintendent for Business
Ms. Meryl Rubinstein
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Personnel and Technology
Dr. Kurtis Kotes
Director of Facilities III
Mr. James Riley
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Mr. Matthew O’Brien
Director of Personnel
Mr. Robert Siracuse
Network Administrator
Mr. James Sterett
Members of the Faculty, Press and Citizens of the District

The regular meeting was called to order by President, Mrs. Judy Green at 7:00 p.m.

At 7:01 p.m., on a motion by Martha Bogart and seconded by Jason Pucci the Board entered Executive Session, with the intent to return, for the purpose of employment history of particular persons and discussions related to potential litigation.
AYES-7 NAYS-0 Motion carried.

At 7:22 p.m., on a motion by Michael Lorenzo and seconded by Thomas Mullane the Board closed the Executive Session to reconvene the regular meeting.
AYES-7 NAYS-0 Motion carried.

At 7:23 p.m., Mrs. Green led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silent meditation.
Matthew Milnamow and Michael McGovern from LAN Associates, as well as Kevin Sawyer from Triton Construction, joined the Board to discuss results from the capital project bid opening on April 25, 2018.
Matt Milnamow gave an overview of the capital improvement projects from the 2017 Bond Referendum:

  • The total construction budget for the work in the bond is $24,844,583 (includes escalation);
  • There is a $2.7m contingency (10%) for this project;
  • The bond is divided into two separate projects:
    • Contract #1 – Site Improvements, Additions & Renovations to Goshen High School (includes the field house, press box and grandstands). The construction estimate for Contract #1 required bidding the project with multiple primes;
    • Contract #2 – District-Wide IT Improvements;
  • LAN, Triton and Jim Riley are currently vetting the lowest qualified bidders, and in some cases, the second lowest bidder also;
  • While LAN believes the project is adequately funded to proceed, order to complete the entire project, supplemental funding will be needed. At this time, LAN is not providing bid recommendations, but rather is waiting to see if the voters approve use of the capital reserve towards the project on May 15.

Contract #2 (District-wide IT) – The bid results were good. There were roughly (15) plan holders. There was one bid was submitted for the GC work (Contract 2a) and one for network cabling (Contract 2c). The bid for the GC work was slightly over budget. The bid for the network equipment is slightly under budget. Between the two, we are under budget for this portion of the project.

Contract #2a – General Construction for the District-Wide IT Improvements:

  • Grace Contracting is the low bidder at $423,632, which is $93,632 over budget. Grace Contracting’s team has successfully worked in the District before.

Contract #2c – Network Equipment for the District-Wide IT Improvements:

  • Core BTS is the low bidder at $1,387,893.15, which is $382,106.85 under budget. Core BTS has a good reputation.

Contract #2b – Network Cable Installation for the District-Wide IT Improvements:

  • No bids were submitted for the network cable installation, this portion has been re-advertised with a bid opening date of May 22, 2018. After the bid opening on April 25, LAN contacted (6) plan holders that expressed an interest in bidding Contract 2b. Most of the bidders indicated they would have submitted a bid if they had more time.

Contract #1 (GHS) – The bid response was good and the process was competitive. We received multiple bids for each prime contract. Each contract contains a variety of add & deduct alternates to provide the District with a variety of options to consider for awarding the project.

Contract #1a – Site/Civil Prime (Goshen High School):

  • Landscape Unlimited is the low bidder at $3,897,000, which is $2,744,658.93 under budget. Landscape Unlimited submitted an artificial turf substitution that will require reviewing for equivalency. LAN has extensive experience working with Landscape Unlimited and they are qualified to perform the work, but if they are not able to provide a product that meets the specification, they may withdraw their bid proposal, or they may need to be disqualified.

Contract #1b – GC Prime (Goshen High School):

  • UniMak is the low bidder at $8,585,000. They were substantial under budget. During the vetting process, UniMak realized they underestimated their costs. They have subsequently withdrawn their bid in accordance with law. Benard Associates is the next low bidder at $11,946,000.00, which is $3,493,052.72 over budget.

Contract #1c – HVAC Prime (Goshen High School):

  • Ashley Mechanical is the low bidder at $3,276,229, which is $634,570.07 over budget. LAN’s MEP consultant – Gerard Associates has worked with Ashley Mechanical.

Contract #1d – Plumbing Prime (Goshen High School):

  • Hauser Brothers is the low bidder at $1,088,000, which is $78,658.93 under budget. LAN has worked with Hauser Brothers.

Contract #1d – Electrical Prime (Goshen High School):

  • J&J Sass Electric is the low bidder at $2,941,500, which is $599,841.07 under budget. LAN has worked with J&J Sass Electric.

Matt Milnamow reminded the Board what is included in the base bid:

  • +/- 15,000 s.f. classroom/administrative suite addition;
  • Renovations to the music suite;
  • Renovations to the auditorium (+ two new toilet rooms) with an orchestra pit;
  • Renovations to the Industrial Arts Suite (to create a STEAM Lab & Program);
  • Classroom renovations to convert central admin. suite into (2) new special education
    classrooms & SGI’s;
  • Kitchen addition & cafeteria renovations;
  • Construction of a new athletic facility with (8) lane track, artificial turf multi-use field &
  • Grandstands with (1,500) seats;
  • Construction of a new parking lot & bus loop;
  • Construction of a new field house;
  • Construction of a new press box;
  • HVAC upgrades (to replace the gym & library’s air handler units);
  • Installation of a new fire alarm system;

If the Board of Education needs to reduce the overall project costs to align with the budget, the deduct alternates can be selected and removed from the project. The base bid includes the following projects listed as deduct alternates, which can be removed from the project to save money:

  • Kitchen addition;
  • Cafeteria renovations;
  • Air handler unit replacement for the gym and library;
  • Orchestra pit;
  • Parking lot within bus loop and associated site lighting.

The base bid excludes the following projects listed as add alternates, which can be added to the project for an added cost:

  • Window & curtain wall replacement;
  • Furnishings for the addition;
  • New STEAM lab equipment;
  • Roof repairs;
  • Corridor locker replacement;
  • Upgraded flooring (terrazzo tile) in the main corridor;
  • Replacement of flooring in the ‘A’ wing classrooms;
  • Renovations to create a new boys team locker room;
  • Food Service equipment for the concession stand in the field house;
  • Dugouts;
  • Pavers at the main entrance to the athletic facility;
  • Artificial turf practice field and lighting.

We may be able to purchase furniture through the Office of General Services Contract, which may be less expensive than bidding. Mr. Connor noted that furniture may be purchased with any money remaining at the end of the school year. Ms. Rubinstein noted that purchasing the STEAM equipment is best done through contractors, as any errors in in–house assembly may end up costing the District more money in the long run to fix any mistakes.

Ms. Rubinstein reminded the Board when the bond budget was developed it consisted of three parts:

  1. Soft Costs: are items that are not attributable to a specific part of the project, but the project as a whole such as architect fees, construction manager fees, bond counsel, legal fees, IT consultant, land surveys, printing, etc.
  2. Hard Costs: these are construction costs and is what we put out to bid.
  3. Contingency: This is a safety net for unforeseen or latent expenses. Any change orders will come out of contingency. We try to preserve as much of this money for much of the project.

Matt Milnamow noted that there could be change order credits. We can negotiate with the low bidder for value engineering alternatives, which will lower project costs. The negotiations are not allowed to take place, by law, until after contracts are awarded to bidders.

After the bids were opened we are slightly over budget ($1.9M over for GHS and $288K under for IT = $1.6M net overage). If the proposition passes to use 3,976,000 from the capital reserve fund, we can do most of the add alternates, if it does not pass, we will have to consider which deducts to do. Matt Milnamow noted that moving forward with omitting the kitchen addition is the largest cost amount ($1.4M) that would be the least disruptive for the advancement of the project. Mr. Mullane has concern with not doing work to the cafeteria, since adding new special education classrooms across from the cafeteria without reducing the noise of the current cafeteria, would not be prudent.

Contract #1 GHS has contingency of 10%, lowering to 8% for renovation work and 6% for new construction would equate to $850K. Contract #2 IT has 20% contingency. Reducing the contingency level to 10% would equate to $327K.

Scoping meeting were held with all of the low bidders and some of the second lowest bidders. Mr. Milnamow explained that if the proposition does not pass, and the kitchen addition is no longer going to be completed, Bernard is not going to be the lowest bidder. APS would become the lowest bidder since APS had a greater deduct alternate number [Bernard-($677K); APS ($1.4M)]. LAN discussed with the board the pros and cons of these contractors.

After discussing the pros and cons of UniMak’s bid withdrawal letter, the board decided it would be in their best interest to accept the letter and will take formal action on the withdrawal when we award the project contracts.

On a motion by Thomas Mullane and seconded by Allison Salte, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the Board of Education schedules a Special Board Meeting for Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
(The purpose is to award bids for Contract #1).
AYES-7 NAYS-0 Motion carried.

On a motion by Michael Lorenzo and seconded by Jeremy Cassel, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the Board of Education schedules a Special Board Meeting for Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
(The purpose is to award bids for Contract #2).
AYES-7 NAYS-0 Motion carried.

Mr. Lorenzo inquired how the other board members felt about handing out diplomas at graduation to other students besides their own child. The majority of the board is in favor of it.

Mr. Cassel commended the administration on the lockout procedure instituted today in the District’s response to reports of a potential active shooter at the Chester Union Free School District. Information from law enforcement has indicated that at no time was there ever a threat to our students, staff or school buildings. The purpose of a lock-out is to contain any threat or disturbance to the building outside of the building. All activities go on as scheduled in the building.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m. on a motion by Thomas Mullane and seconded by Michael Lorenzo.
AYES-7 NAYS-0 Motion carried.

Mrs. Green thanked everyone for attending.

Respectfully submitted,
Maureen Farrell
District Clerk