Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources and Information

The Goshen Central School District is CLOSED through the end of the 2019-20 academic year, as per Governor Cuomo’s executive order, because of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 public health situation. View the latest updates and information (in English and Spanish) including remote learning resources, exam information, meal distribution plan and more by visiting the Coronavirus/COVID-19 web page.

Online instruction ¦ Video tutorials for online instruction ¦ Educational links for enrichment ¦ Meal distribution plan ¦ Tech support ¦ Childcare services ¦ Instruction for website translation

Board of Education Goals & Objectives through 2019-20

Goal 1: Improve student achievement/academic performance on the path to college- and career-readiness.

Goal 2: To support and promote college- and career-readiness and student success through effective and consistent communication in collaboration with parents and students.

Goal 3: To provide and expand technology  and infrastructure in support of efficient teaching, learning, research and communication that is effective and meaningful.

Goal 4: To foster a positive social, emotional, and behavioral culture in which students are encouraged to attain academic and personal success.

Goal 5: To develop and expand collaborative efforts between students, administrators, faculty/staff, the Board of Education, and the community to foster learning, communication, understanding, positive culture, and school spirit within our schools and throughout our school community.