Board of Education Goals & Objectives 2021-22

The SMART goal setting process allows for organizations to collaboratively work together to make valued improvements designed to benefit their stakeholders. Within our school district, our focus should be on improving the environment in which students can succeed, including, but not limited to academic programs, facilities, classroom space, and extra curricular, music and athletic opportunities.

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound.

Proposed Goals for the 2021/2022 School Year:

Creation of a District Strategic Plan

The Goshen Central School District would benefit from the creation of a strategic plan. A strategic plan allows for all stakeholders (students, staff, families, community members, and the Board of Education) to set priorities for the school district over a measured period of time. Mid and Lower Hudson Valley school districts that have and continue to engage in the strategic planning process include: Newburgh Enlarged City School District, Warwick Valley Central School District, Chappaqua Central School District, and Scarsdale Public Schools. You may use the hyperlinks to view each district’s report regarding their strategic planning process.

A strategic plan creates common goals that are publicly shared, creating synchrony between the district and the community. The planning process streamlines the annual budget process, targeting specific goals on which to focus resources. The district would benefit from engaging with a consultant to facilitate this process.

Anticipated Completion Date: June 30, 2022

Creation of Updated Technology Plan

The Goshen Central School District makes ongoing investment in both classroom technology and personal
devices for student learning. The Covid-19 Pandemic gave reason for the District to re-examine how device were to be deployed to students. Similarly, the district will work to create a sustainable replacement policy to address damaged devices.

Families within the school district also benefit from training in the many software systems utilized throughout the district. Previously, in person, training has been completed regarding Google Classroom which were well attended by parents. As the pandemic accelerated the need for further training on a variety of databases, the district will create additional opportunities for parent training both in person and remotely for parent training.

  • In the fall of 2021, the district administration prepared and implemented inventory control forms, where a student and their family would have to accept responsibility for any district owned device that they took possession of for use during the school year.
  • The district is working towards creating a 1:1 device policy where students would receive a Chromebook in fifth and ninth grade, keeping that device for their studies throughout their academic careers in the district.
  • The district will target specific software programs for parent training prior to the end of the 2021/2022 school year.

Anticipated Completion Date: Jun 30, 2022

Adoption of Updated and Revised District Guidance Plan

The Covid-19 Pandemic highlighted the need to ensure that the Goshen Central School District Guidance Plan appropriately plans for and supports the needs of all students. The current Guidance Plan articulates needs for students in grades 6-12. Suggested improvements for revisions to the plan include:

  • Articulation of programming for students in grades K-12
  • Examination of proper staffing in all buildings to achieve the goals that exist within the Guidance Plan
  • Improvements to the college planning process at the secondary level, including, but not limited to:
    • communication with parents
      • Create opportunities for parents to communicate with other parents on the planning process
    • use of the Naviance Planning Software System
    • clearly delineated timelines
    • collaboration with ELA Department on the College Essay Process
    • exploration of a dedicated College and Career Counselor position
  • Examination of Career Internship Program
    • Creation of possible opportunities in other sectors of the economy for student interns (vocational placements).

Anticipated Completion Date: Jun 30, 2022

Adoption of Updated and Revised Board of Education Policy Regarding Facilities Use/ Fee Schedule

The Goshen Central School District has made major improvements to its facilities during the past capital
improvement project. The Board of Education and the District Administration would benefit from a thorough review of the current facilities use policy and fee schedule. With the authorization of the Board of Education, the District Administration will also begin an update to current regulations to be applied to the use of facilities by both district and community organizations.

Anticipated Completion Date: Jun 30, 2022

Board Adoption of Proposal for Upgrades to Mechanicals for Air Quality Improvements

The Board of Education authorized LAN Associates and Gerard Associates to complete a district wide
analysis of each building’s current HVAC conditions. These partners have presented their findings to the
Board of Education and will be presenting anticipated cost estimates to the Board of Education on November 15, 2021 at their regularly scheduled meeting.

The district (Board of Education and District Administration) will need to contemplate a scope of work and
sources of funding to complete necessary and desired upgrades that would improve air quality in the school buildings. Currently, the district has access to both Federal funding and local capital reserves that could be appropriated towards the completion of this work. It should be noted that the available Federal funding currently has deadlines for expenditures. There is a usually an extended timeline by which plans must be submitted through SED of which the district must stay aware. It is anticipated that a large number of plans throughout the state will be submitted for consideration for use of available Federal funds.

Anticipated Completion Date: ASAP (Commencement of Potential HVAC Project)