Goshen Gladiator Athletic Hall of Fame Criteria

The Goshen High School Athletic Hall of Fame was established to strengthen the bond of its past athletes with those of the present and future. Through this recognition, those individuals and families will be reconnected with Goshen High School, providing current student-athletes with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the history of the Gladiators.

For the inductees and many of us, participating in high school sports as a Goshen Gladiator was a meaningful contributor toward shaping our futures. It is this spirit of community that inspires the next generation of athletes.

Inductees are nominated by community members, staff members, coaches or alumni and selected by the committee. The Athletic Department is seeking nominations for the Goshen Gladiator Athletic Hall of Fame. Applications are available on the district website or the Goshen Central Athletic Office.

Categories for Selection

Through nomination and committee selection, the Athletic Hall of Fame will recognize individuals who fall under any of the following three categories:


Individuals who were students at Goshen High School whose accomplishments while attending represented the highest caliber of athletic achievement in his/her time.


Individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Goshen Central School District.


Individuals who have made a significant impact on the Goshen Athletics Program. The honorary category may include, but not limited to counselors, faculty managers, scoreboard/book operators, media, administrators, and local community supporters.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Student-Athletes will become eligible 10 years after graduation.  Any past team can be nominated ten years after that team participated.  Any former staff member who has been retired for a period of five years can be nominated.
  2. Nominations can be submitted by any staff member, coach, alumni, family, or community member.
  3. All information can be found on the Goshen Central School District website.
  4. Final selections are determined by reviewing all credentials and recommendations by the Hall of Fame Committee Panel.