Visual Arts

Digital Photography I

Prerequisite: 1 credit in Art, Music or Technology – 1 semester     1/Credit

This course will use Digital SLR’s, Lens Shutter, point & shoot cameras & Cell phones to learn the controls and usage, including: f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO, exposure, composition, lighting, image editing software, history of photography & critiquing.  Assignments will include depth of field, action photos, shadows & light, camera angles, portraits, still life’s, compositions & the elements of design. Students will receive instruction, demonstration, and see samples of the desired outcomes. Students will shoot photos in the classroom/computer lab, during & after school, inside & outside, and also be required to shoot assignments at other locations they may choose. They will also have a chance to take Yearbook photos as a graded assignment as well.

Digital Photography II

Prerequisite: Digital Photography 1 – 1 semester     1/Credit

This is an advanced course in Digital photography. Students will explore technical, artistic, and commercial aspects of photography. The course will include flash & natural lighting techniques, advanced camera operations, and extensive use of GIMP/Photoshop software. Students will work on both independent & cooperative group assignments. Students will prepare a portfolio of work to exhibit and at the completion of the course, and will also learn ways to market their photography and possibly get work in the field.