Visual Arts

Basic Photography

Prerequisite: 1 credit in Art, Music or Technology – 1 semester – ½ credit

This is a half year course designed for students in grades 10, 11, 12 who are interested in learning how a picture is created from the buying of the film to the finished print. Class size will range from 15 18 on a first come first serve basis. Priority is given to seniors & members of the yearbook staff. Fields of study include: the camera, light, exposures, film, development, printing, chemistry, composition, special effects, equipment, history, and careers in photography. Credit can be applied to an art sequence.

Advanced Photography

Prerequisite: Basic Photography – 1 semester – ½ credit

Advanced Photography will explore the many aspects of photography in more detail. Included areas of study will be camera handling, film processing, negative evaluation, print making, the use of the color slide film, and or color print film and w/ special effects specific to color photography. Prerequisite to this advanced class is Basic Photography. Enrollment limited to 18. Credit can be applied to an art sequence.

Video Technology & Production

Prerequisite: 1 credit in Art, Music or Technology – 1 semester – ½ credit

This course offers a “hands on” approach to producing videotaped presentations. Students will be asked to write scripts, handle cameras and microphones and other equipment, as well as “act” in several different productions. Technical information will be given both written form and demonstrations, and grading is based on a number of written quizzes, a final, and class participation, which is a major consideration. Prerequisite: Because of the studio nature of the course and the value of the equipment, students will be required to have successfully completed at least one technology, art or music class in order to register for this class. Enrollment will be limited to 18 students.

Digital Photography

Prerequisite: 1 credit in Art, Music or Technology – 1 semester

This course a half year course intended to introduce students to the basic concepts in digital photography as a fine art & communications medium. It should be noted that this photography course is an Art Course. Projects are graded for technical & aesthetic excellence, individual creativity and visual problem solving. Upon completion of this course, the student should demonstrate a basic knowledge of digital photographic theory and basic photographic design. Students will also gain proficiency in the use of Gimp software. Assignments include multiple exposure, advertisements and graphic arts, such as movie posters & CD covers. Projects will be created from their own photos, online sources and GHS yearbook photos.