Special Education

Learning Lab

Full year

Learning Lab is a small group setting in which students who qualify for special education services receive reinforcement of academic skills in the content areas. English, math, science, social studies and study skills are addressed. Academic skills are re-taught, reinforced and/or reviewed to promote success in mainstream classes.

Inclusion Class

Full year

Inclusion classes in English, math, social studies, and science are conducted by a content area teacher and a special education teacher working together as “co-teachers.” This creates a successful learning environment for all students in the class, including special education students who may need additional support. All students in these classes are challenged to reach the same academic goals and are evaluated by the same Regents exams at the conclusion of the course.


PAES is a dynamic curriculum that operates in a simulated work environment. Students become employees; teachers become supervisors. Strict work procedures are followed so students get the feel of real work, at the same time learn and explore new careers/vocational areas. Students are paid to explore Multiple Work Areas using Hands-On Jobs. Students can be paid with simulated money and paychecks through the Money Manager Program. Students spend their earned money during payday’s when payroll is dispersed, and the PAES store/movie theater is open.

PAES provides:

  • Work and Life Skill Training
  • Vocational Work Assessment
  • Work Exploration
  • Appropriate Work Behavior Development
  • Data Collection and Student Reporting
  • An Accurate Description of Student Performance and Employment Potential
  • Money Manager program provides:
  • The Value of Money
  • Academic Monetary Concepts
  • Money Related Math
  • Checkbook Management
  • Managing Cash Responsibility
  • Consequences for One’s Actions
  • Preparation for Life

Algebra I-A

Grade 9 – Full year – One credit

This course is the first year of a two year program which is designed for students who need to build a foundation for Algebra 1. Students will cover approximately half of the Algebra 1 curriculum this year and then the remaining topics in Algebra 1-B. Graphing calculator use will be introduced throughout the year.

Algebra I-B

Grade 10 – Full year – One credit

This course is designed for students who have completed Algebra 1-A. Students will review material from Algebra 1-A as well as learn the remainder of the Algebra 1 topics. At the end of this year, students will have completed all of the material necessary to take the Algebra Regents exam. Graphing calculator use will be introduced throughout the year.