Fine Arts Courses

Studio in Art

Full year – 1 credit

This is a full year basic foundation course recommended by the New York State Board of Regents that can be used to fulfill the 1 credit arts/music graduation requirement. Students are exposed to a wide variety of studio experiences in drawing, painting, design and three-dimensional work. Focus is on the elements and principles of design, basic two-dimensional drawing skills, techniques and color theory. Students also become familiar with art history to provide a basis for art criticism and aesthetics. Studio in Art is a required course for students planning a major sequence in Art.

Drawing I

One semester – ½ credit

A course designed to develop strong skills and proper techniques in the art of drawing and work in a variety of media: pencil, charcoal, pastel and ink and other drawing materials. Emphasis is placed on design procedure and visual problem solving in a variety of styles. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Studio in Art.

Drawing II

One semester – ½ credit

An advanced course for talented students who have excelled in Drawing I. Provides students with the opportunity to build a strong background in drawing and develop a personal style. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Drawing I.


One semester – ½ credit

A 3-D Art course, designed to offer both aesthetic and technical experience in three dimensional design, so that the student can express them self in a variety of media including clay, paper mache, wire, wood and other media. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Studio in Art.

Painting I

One Semester – ½ credit

This course offers the student study in two-dimensional media, perspective, light and shade, the figure, portraiture, still life, and landscape painting. The course offers the student an opportunity to work in a variety of painting media including watercolor, acrylic and oils. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Studio in Art.

Painting II

One semester – 1/2 credit

An advanced painting course which offers the student the opportunity to develop their painting skill and to work toward developing a personal style of expression. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Painting I.

Independent Study in Art

½ year

A student completing an art sequence may elect to do an independent study in an area of their choice. A course must be chosen that has been approved by the State Department of Visual Arts Education and be followed under the guidance of a teacher. Approval needed by teacher, department head, guidance and principal. Appropriate form available from department head. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Studio in Art.