Business Education Courses

Business Computer Applications

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 – one semester – ½ credit

Students will explore computer skills and applications needed on a personal, school/college, and career level.  The focus of this course is to provide knowledge and skills associated with Google applications including:  Docs, Slides, and Sheets.  Students will create various documents:  reports, business letters, tables, databases, spreadsheets, and brochures.  In addition, students will expand their knowledge of computer terminology, parts of a computer, and search strategies on the Internet.  Students will also learn properly type, without looking, 45+ words per minute.  A  very necessary skill in today’s world of work!

Personal Financial Math (formerly Business Math)

Grades 10-12 – full year – 1 credit

In this course, students apply math skills to everyday life. Topics include calculation of a paycheck; federal and state income taxes; checking and saving accounts; installment loans; credit cards and finance charges; comparative shopping; mortgage payments and property taxes; buying/leasing a car; auto, life and health insurance.

Introductory Accounting

Grades 11-12 – one semester – ½ credit

This is a one-semester course designed to develop a basic foundation for college accounting and for occupational competencies in accounting. This course is highly recommended for students planning to major in any field of business and/or accounting in college. Emphasis is placed on analyzing transactions and preparing financial statements.

Career Internship

Grades 10-12 – one semester – ½ credit

Internship experience! This course allows students leave school to complete an internship experience in one or two different careers of interest. Explore careers in television/radio, child care, journalism, teaching, and other occupations of interest. This opportunity allows students to gain insight into the skills and educational requirements of a career prior to college. Students planning to enroll in School-to-Work need to provide their own transportation to and from their placements. Students who choose to enroll in this elective course are expected to demonstrate a level of responsibility and commitment appropriate for the workplace. Characteristics such as honesty, integrity, ethics, teamwork, and a positive attitude are expected. Students will intern three days per week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday) and will meet twice per week in class (Thursday/Friday) for classroom instruction.


Grades 10-12 – one semester – ½ credit

Start your own business! Learn how to be a smarter customer! What does achieving the “American Dream” of owning and operating a business really involve? Students choose a business of interest from restaurants to clothing stores and spas and develop a business plan. On top of that, students will complete Donald Trump/Apprentice challenges. Groups of students will compete in business-related challenges to gain first-hand experience. Tasks can range from developing your own cereal brand to creating a NYC window display. Topics include advertising, finance, marketing, managing a staff, and other areas related to an entrepreneurial venture.

Intro to Business: OCCC Credit

Grades 11-12 – one semester – ½ credit

Great class for all students majoring in Business! Great for students interested in Business! College credit is being offered for this SUNY Orange course. In this analysis of current business practices, the following topics are examined: impact of technology on businesses, economic systems, forms of ownership, social responsibility, management and organization, finance, marketing, human resources, information management and international business. Topical issues and cases are used to reinforce terminology and concepts. It is strongly advised that students take this course in their first semester.

Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) Sports Management

SPM 205 introduces the student to sport management concepts and sectors through an examination of problems and issues faced by contemporary sport managements. Unique characteristics of sport and resulting social and ethical responsibilities of sport managers will be discussed.

Students are responsible for tuition and textbook costs.  Some students may qualify for financial assistance. See your guidance counselor for details.