APPR Parent Request Procedure

Parent requests for teacher and principal overall score and effectiveness ratings

The district has a release procedure of APPR teacher and principal effectiveness scores. APPR, or Annual Professional Performance Review, is the process by which New York’s public school teachers and principals are evaluated. Under APPR, teachers and principals receive a number grade every year, which translates to an effectiveness rating.

The APPR process is governed by the state and aligns with New York state teaching and leadership standards, but each school district develops its own evaluation plan within those guidelines that must be submitted and approved by the New York State Education Department.

The APPR system rates classroom teachers and principals as “highly effective,” “effective,” “developing” or “ineffective.”

While APPR scores are not considered public information, the law requires that a school district release to parents and legal guardians of a student the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score of their child’s current classroom teachers and principal, upon request and verification of identity.

Goshen parents and legal guardians must schedule an appointment with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Personnel and Technology, by telephone, e-mail or in writing, to view the releasable information.

Upon arrival, the parent or legal guardian must present valid information to confirm that he or she is the parent/legal guardian of the student.

During the meeting, parents will verbally receive the requested releasable information, which is the composite score (number grade up to 100) and overall quality rating (highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective). A handout will be provided to explain the APPR information in accordance with education law.