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Nuts & Bolts: Bus loop and parking lot

Student safety is a main priority for the district and one of the main reasons why the capital improvement project addresses upgrades for the Goshen High School bus loop and parking lot.

Morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal is chaotic and crowded, with parents, students and school buses all attempting to access a combined driveway and bus loop. The area is undersized, forcing school buses to double park in front of the main entrance. This causes a significant traffic back-up for parents and students attempting to enter or exit the parking lot.

Students walk in between the double parked buses to access the building in the morning, or to reach their cars or meet their parents in the afternoon, making supervision difficult.

The parking lot is undersized, requiring many students and visitors to park in the gravel or grass overflow areas further away from the building. The parking lot does not provide enough designated handicapped parking spaces, and they are a significant distance from the main entrance to the school. The overflow parking areas are a considerable distance to the main entrance, which is the only entrance that provides universal access into the school and the elevator.

The capital improvement project will include a new bus drop-off lane with a new parking lot for approximately 200 cars. The new bus drop-off loop and parking lot is located much closer to the high school’s main entrance and athletic fields. The new design would separate student pickup and drop-off areas from the bus drop-off area. The existing parking lot will be a designated for parent pick-up and drop-off loop, with roughly 175 parking spaces. Site improvements will include repairs to the existing parking lot and new site lighting for better visibility during evening events.