Nuts & Bolts: Main entrance addition to Goshen High School

Details about the 15,000 square-foot addition

The approximately 15,000 square-foot addition at the front of Goshen High School will house four new classrooms, administration, guidance and support staff offices, a new main entrance with security guard office and control vestibule and a vault for Regents Exams.

Four new classrooms

Goshen High School’s student population is approximately 1,000 students – the highest it’s ever been – and in recent years, the school has struggled with a shortage of instructional space.

The instructional schedule is divided into nine, 41-minute class periods. Currently, 83 percent of these classrooms are occupied for eight-to-nine periods each day. This leaves extremely limited opportunities for additional classroom instruction – a necessity to accommodate the high school’s growing academic initiatives and unfunded, state-mandated programs. Currently, due to a lack of instructional space, students must take study hall in the cafeteria during lunch periods – a far cry from the quiet, efficient classroom environment that should be provided. Renovations to the existing central administration offices will provide two new classrooms with air conditioning that are dedicated for special education students and faculty.

The addition will also improve circulation at the intersection (bottleneck) of the A and B wings by creating an alternate loop route for students to circulate through the building.

Security vestibule for visitors

The new main entrance will provide a security vestibule with a man-lock so that a security guard can screen visitors before allowing access into the building during school hours. Presently, a security guard is stationed at a desk in the main entrance lobby. Visitors are screened after they enter the building which creates an unnecessary security threat. Overall, the vestibule will provide a safer school environment. The front entrance doors will be provided with access control devices. This means that nobody can enter the high school without first being screened and then “buzzed in” – an effective safety deterrent. The new vestibule will provide the additional benefit of minimizing heat loss.

Centralized administrative and support staff offices

Presently, the high school’s support staff members – social worker, school psychologist, school nurse, guidance counselors and secretaries – are not centrally located within close proximity to the building administrators. Support staff are scattered throughout the first floor of the building and are working from offices that were once classrooms or closet and storage areas. The small, overcrowded support staff offices are not suitable to appropriately service students, and the lack of centralized offices makes it difficult for support services and administrators to efficiently communicate with one another about student needs and issues.

Vault for Regents exams

The New York State Regents testing protocol requires a safe or vault, approved by the New York State Education Department according to its specifications, to store Regents exams. Currently, the high school does not have a Department-approved storage facility for tests, and all Regents exams must be stored at the C. J. Hooker Middle School. During testing time, the exams must be transported by an administrator each morning, which is a significant security risk.