Architectural project drawings

15,000 square-foot addition with main entrance security vestibule at Goshen High School

The 15,000 square-foot addition at the front of Goshen High School will have four new classrooms, centralized administration, guidance and support staff offices, a new, secure main entrance with security guard office and control vestibule, and a vault for Regents Exams. Learn more about the addition at Goshen High School.

Drawing of new entrance at Goshen High School.
Architectural rendering of the new main entrance at Goshen High School.
Blueprint of addition at Goshen HIgh School.
Technical drawing of the new 15,000 square foot addition at the main entrance of Goshen High School.















New bus loop and parking lot at Goshen High School

A new bus drop-off lane with a new parking lot for approximately 200 cars will be located close to the high school’s main entrance and athletic fields. The new design will separate student pickup and drop-off areas from the bus drop-off area. Learn more about the new bus loop and parking lot.

Drawing of new parking lot.
Architectural drawing of the new parking lot and bus loop at Goshen High School.

Multi-use turf field with 8-lane track

The project includes a new multi-use artificial turf athletic field with an 8-lane track and lighting (to replace existing track and football field). Additionally, 1,500 seat bleachers will be constructed over a new field house that provides space for a concession stand, team locker rooms, training room, storage rooms and bathrooms. Learn more about the Athletic Department upgrades.

Drawing of new athletic field.
Architectural drawing of the new, multi-use artificial turf athletic field with eight-lane track.
Blueprints of field house.
Technical drawing of the new field house with concession stand and restrooms.

Kitchen and cafeteria renovations at Goshen High School

The the kitchen and serving line will be relocated so they are to the side of the cafeteria instead of in the center. The kitchen will be housed in a 464 square-foot addition with an improved, adjacent serving line. This relocation will improve the efficiency of the serving line as well as the cafeteria’s overall layout by creating one large space versus two separate spaces. The cafeteria will also become enclosed so it’s separated from crowded hallways. Learn more about kitchen and interior renovations.

Blue print of kitchen and cafeteria renovations.
Technical drawing of kitchen and cafeteria renovations.

STEAM Lab & Suite upgrades

The high school’s industrial and visual arts program will be converted into a new STEAM lab and suite that will be devoted to applied arts and technology. The STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) lab and suite will include space for hands-on learning in areas such as advanced manufacturing, robotics, electronics, computer science, graphic design, applied math, 2-D and 3-D art, and computer-aided design. Learn more about the STEAM Lab & Suite upgrades.

Blue prints of STEAM Lab and Suite and Music Department.
Technical drawing of the new STEAM Lab and Suite and Music Department upgrades.

Music Department upgrades

The Music Department’s existing instructional space will be renovated and expanded. Upgrades include a renovated choral room and orchestra/band room, new small group instruction music classroom, three dedicated practice rooms, two storage rooms and a new office.

The auditorium will be completely overhauled with new seating, lighting and acoustics. New upholstered auditorium seating will be installed to replace the original seating that is almost 40 years old. An orchestra pit will be constructed with a stage filler to extend the thrust of the stage and provide a larger variety of options for performances. Learn more about Music Department upgrades.

Technical drawing of renovated auditorium.
Technical drawing of renovated auditorium.