District, police respond to senior activity social media post

Dear Goshen Families:

In response to a social media post regarding the off-campus senior elimination game:

The post on social media is not the idea of nor sanctioned by the Goshen Central School District.  The District was not aware of this until the issue surfaced on social media.  The District strongly encourages families and
community members to consider the safety of any activity that is supported outside of the school’s purview.

Dr. Kurtis Kotes, Superintendent of Schools
Nick Pantaleone, Principal of Goshen High School

The Village of Goshen Police Department urges parents to discuss with children their participation in this activity.  This activity, when conducted in uncontrolled public places, could cause public alarm, citizen intervention, and 911 calls generating a police response and causing a public safety issue.  The thrill of the game could impede judgment, and participants may be oblivious to how their behavior could be viewed by community members with individuals with weapons, often chasing others on foot or in vehicles.

Chief James Watt, Village of Goshen Police Chief