CJH students honored as Students of the Month for March 2023

Teenagers standing in school hallway holding certificates of achievement

The student of the month is:

  • Respectful – The student treats classmates, teachers and staff with respect by valuing each as an individual, respecting differences, and valuing the work that others do.
  • Responsible – The student embraces the responsibility required to maintain progress in their schoolwork and other personal goals.
  • Positive – The student contributes to the success of the school by promoting a positive school climate through their actions and words.
  • Honest – The student communicates truthfully and in a respectful way with classmates, teachers, staff and refrains from dishonesty in completing academic work.
  • Committed to success – The student strives for success in all they do and works to the best of their ability.

Grade 6

Chelsea Taylor comes to school every day with a positive attitude.  She has taken steps to improve her grades in all of her classes.   Chelsea is kind to everyone! Her cheerful disposition brings a smile to everyone’s face!  It is a pleasure to nominate Chelsea for student of the month! Keep up the good work, Chelsea!

Dominica Celio is a wonderful young adult.  She is a very mature and responsible student.  She has an excellent work ethic and attitude towards her schoolwork.  Dominica is always kind and helpful when dealing with her peers. Her efforts in class make her a great role model for other students.  It is a pleasure to recognize Dominica as student of the month!

aniela Gomez-Redondo is a hard working student who is also courteous, thoughtful and kind.  She takes pride in her work, always putting forth her best effort. She is accepting and friendly and always makes people feel comfortable and included. Daniela is a good student and a good friend. It is a pleasure to recognize Daniela as student of the month.

Thehan Lekamalage is an amazing student. He is a very hard worker and enjoys math the most. Thehan is very helpful with his fellow classmates, enjoys sharing information with them, and helping them anyway he can. Thehan is a great asset to the middle school and we can’t wait to see what he does over the next few years.

Leah Gorman shows a real talent for technology. She has a great work ethic and finishes whatever she starts. Leah always comes with a smile and positive attitude that is contagious to everyone around her! It is a pleasure to nominate Leah for this honor – she is very deserving of it!

Grade 7

Katherine Thornell is an exceptionally mature student with a fantastic sense of humor.  She is witty and radiates positive energy.  Katie embodies kindness; showing acceptance and inclusivity far beyond her years.  She is an engaged student who actively participates in class each day, and takes great pride in her academic pursuits. The effort and attention to detail Katie puts into her work truly stands out. Way to go Katie! You are so deserving of this honor.

Joanna Luna Mendez shows a notably polite demeanor to both her peers and teachers. She participates in class, is always prepared and shows a strong sense of responsibility. Joanna is doing a standout job this year! Congratulations, Joanna, on being a March 2023 student of the month!

Om Patel deserves the recognition of being student of the month for March, 2023. Om has shown a great deal of improvement since the start of the school year. Om comes to school organized and prepared. Om also studies for quizzes and tests and strives to earn good grades. Additionally, Om is polite and friendly to everyone. Congratulations, Om, for being a stand out student at CJH!

Skylar Mahoney is such a wonderful student with a great attitude. She is a dedicated and very talented member of our choruses as well as an excellent student in all of her classes. Skylar always strives to do her best and is an absolute pleasure to teach. Congratulations Skylar!

Grade 8

Emily Schmidt is an intelligent, inquisitive and hardworking student.  She is mature, curious, has a good sense of humor, and is an excellent writer.  Emily is a dependable participant in class offering insightful additions to class discussions. She is motivated, friendly, and helpful and gets along well with both her peers and with her teachers. She is a very talented, but humble person who is a great model and a fantastic addition to all of her classes.

Destiny Espinal is creative, patient, thoughtful, courteous, and kind.  She comes to class with a positive attitude, is hardworking, works well with  her peers, and is committed to academic success. Destiny’s effort and the respect she shows others is to be commended. Congratulations to Destiny.

Austin Kovacs is a responsible and friendly young man who comes to school prepared with his best foot forward.  Austin actively participates in all his classes and asks good questions.  He works collaboratively with his peers and enjoys solving problems.  Austin is outgoing and extremely friendly and helpful.  If he sees a peer needs help, Austin is there.  He has been known to advocate for peers he sees being mistreated by others, which speaks to his character.  Austin exemplifies the qualities it takes to be Student of the Month.

Anna Heater is a hard working, dedicated student. Anna comes to class prepared and ready to learn. She is responsible for herself and her work at all times. She is respectful of everyone around her. Her kindness is noticed and sets a great example for other students to follow. Anna is very deserving of this honor – congratulations!

Two teens holding certificates and smiling