Update: Roof repairs, capital projects at Scotchtown Avenue

A flat roof on top of a brick building has flags roped around the edges.
Sections of the roof at Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School are prepped for roofing repairs to begin as part of the school’s capital improvement project, passed by voters in May 2022.

Roofing repairs have started at Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School as part of its approximately $9 million capital improvement project, approved by voters on May 17, 2022.

The project addresses HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) upgrades and roof renovations at Scotchtown Avenue, and is fully funded using federal aid and district reserves — no additional borrowing is necessary to fund these projects.

A fluid applied roofing system is being used to refurbish the school’s 30 year-old roof, resulting in no seams — a plus, since that is often where leaks occur. The existing roof is prepared for the new installation that would have a 20-year warranty. Roofing repairs are expected to be completed by mid-May.

In addition, the district received its building permit so that HVAC repairs can begin during the summer months. The school’s aging system will be completely upgraded – approximately 75% of the unit ventilators are 41-50 years old. The new system will improve air quality, regulate temperatures, and eliminate noise – all of which are a deterrent to a comfortable, productive, and safe learning environment.

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White coating on top of a flat roof.