Information about upcoming ELA and Math assessments

In the spring, students in grades 3-8 across New York state will be taking English Language Arts and Math assessments. Additionally, eighth grade students will take the Science assessment. These tests are given to measure how well students are learning the standards taught in the classroom.

In the Goshen Central School District, all students will take these tests using a Chromebook, and there will be no time limit. Please see the following timetable for when your child will be taking these assessments.

New York State Assessment Dates

Grades 3-8

ELA: Wednesday, Apr 19, and Thursday, Apr 20; make-ups administered through April 27

Math: Tuesday, May 2, and Wednesday, May 3; make-ups administered through May 10

Grade 8

Science Performance: May 30 & 31; make-ups administered through June 2

Written Science: Monday, June 5; make-ups administered through June 9

*Only eighth grade students will participate in the NYS Science exams in 2023.

Please remember that your child’s scores on the state assessments will not affect their grades or impact our evaluation of your child’s teacher. While no single test can provide a complete picture of a student’s true abilities, annual assessments are considered along with grades, classroom activities, unit quizzes and tests to help us understand how we can best support a student’s learning moving forward. With each of these tasks, we simply ask that our students try their best. If you plan to “refuse” the assessments, we ask that you notify us, in writing with a signature, no later than Monday, April 17. This will assist us as we continue to prepare each facility for the assessments.

If you have any questions, please contact me or your building administration.


Heather Carman