Goshen High School Mock Trial team named county champions

Large group of teens and adults standing on a stage.
The members and coaches of Goshen High School’s 2023 Mock Trial Team.


The Goshen High School Mock Trial team was named county champions after defeating Washingtonville on March 28 in the Orange County Courthouse before the Honorable Judge E. Loren Williams. The team will now advance to the regional tournament in Rockland County.

Three teens in suits in acourtroom
Goshen High School Mock Trial students compete in the county competition on March 28. Photo by Thomas Bushey.

For the 2023 tournament, the students are arguing a civil case “Remington Stone v. Marley Miser and Acme Construction Company,” a fictitious civil case filed by Remington Stone, who was injured while working as a contractor on a home renovation site and wants to sue the homeowner.

The New York State High School Mock Trial Program is a joint venture of The New York Bar Foundation, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), and the Law, Youth and Citizenship Program. In this educational program, high school students gain first-hand knowledge of civil/criminal law and courtroom procedures.

According to NYSBA, Mock Trial teaches students ethics, civility, and professionalism; furthers students’ understanding of the law, court procedures and the legal system; improves proficiency in basic life skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and reasoning; promotes better communication and cooperation among the school community, teachers and students and members of the legal profession; and heightens appreciation for academic studies and stimulate interest in law-related careers.

Congratulations to the Goshen High School Mock Trial team members:

  • Jason Barnes
  • Kaitlyn Baumgardt
  • Hudson Brendle
  • Mia Colangelo
  • Jolina Dong
  • Gigi Gahra
  • Jacqueline Garcia
  • Judah Gordon
  • Michelle Gukhman
  • Nathan Hulse
  • Angel Melendez-Nunez
  • Mary Ann Mitchell
  • Jack Moran
  • Naima Puertas
  • Damaris Rodriguez
  • Mr. Miles – Teacher Coach
  • Mr. Fish – Attorney Coach
  • Mr. Constantine – Alumni Coach