Facilities Advisory Committee to assist Board of Education

The Goshen Central School District established its Facilities Advisory Committee – composed of a diverse group of parents/guardians, community members, district staff, and local business leaders – in order to evaluate the district’s current facilities, assess the needs of the schools, and provide recommendations for the board to consider when making decisions about upcoming building projects.

The committee is working closely with district officials to gather information so that they can make well-informed recommendations about future projects. This collaboration is an important part of the district’s overall strategic plan for maintaining and improving its facilities.

“The recommendations and input from the Facilities Advisory Committee will help the district as we begin to prioritize building projects and make informed decisions about how best to use our resources,” said Superintendent Dr. Kurtis Kotes.

The committee began meeting in January and will present its recommendations to the Board of Education at its meeting on April 11 for consideration in the proposed 2023-24 school year budget.

The committee members are:

  • Justin Boesch
  • Marc Buchheit
  • Maria Dwyer
  • Sinan Guven
  • Broderick Knoell
  • Joseph Lenz
  • Theresa McCormack
  • Chrissy Pahucki
  • Nick Pantaleone
  • Therese Quinn
  • Heather Savatta
  • Zsolt Vass