CJH award winning artwork to be displayed at SUNY New Paltz

Two hands grasping each other in a school hallway
Phoenix Andryshak’s photograph, Bros, won a Gold Key Award.

C. J. Hooker Middle School Advanced Studio Art students earned 9 Gold Key Awards, 17 Silver Key Awards and 19 Honorable Mentions at the Mid-Hudson Scholastic Art Awards.

On Feb. 3, Gold Key and Silver Key award winners will be honored at SUNY New Paltz, where their artwork will be on display.

The eighth grade artists entered their artwork, including sculpture, photography, fashion, video, drawing and illustration, and painting, under the supervision of Amber Brown and Michael Perez, art teachers at C. J. Hooker Middle School.

Gold Key Award

Phoenix Andryshak

  • Bros, photography

Charlie Boyles

  • Grass slides, fashion

Giovanna Citriniti

  • Flower girl, drawing and illustration

Guy Coppers Costantino

  • WWIII Puzzle, editorial cartoon sponsored by the Herb Block Foundation

Zoe DiGrandi

  • Reflection, photography

Nylah Garo

  • Sadness with no sign of happiness, drawing and illustration

Gabriela Gawronski

  • The Dragon, jewelry

Olivia Jiang

  • Blossom into the Night, mixed media

Omar Vanichong

  • Wired Jordan One, sculpture
Mixed media painting of nighttime
Oliva Jiang’s mixed media, Blossom into the Night, won a Gold Key Award

Silver Key Award

Giovanna Citriniti

  • A Different Planet, drawing and illustration
  • Florida’s Green, photography

Ava Edwards

  • Illuminated, mixed media

Echo Escalante

  • Expectations, painting
  • Pigs and Dolls, editorial cartoon sponsored by the Herb Block Foundation
  • Me, drawing and illustration
  • Shadow of What Used to Be, painting

Oliva Jiang

  • Foxes in a Den, drawing

Shaelyn Kirk

  • Sweet Nothings, sculpture
  • Gleam and Glow, painting

Aja Patel

  • Cat Trifecta, video

Priyal Patel

  • I See You, You See Me, photography

Leilani Romulo

  • The cat of life and death, painting
  • Fallen, photography

Rhyley Ruffy

  • A Beautiful Rose, painting
Green and gold wire shaped into a dragon as a ring for your finger.
The Dragon, jewelry by Gabriela Gawronski, won a Gold Key Award.

Honorable Mention

Phoenix Andryshak
Ethan Batista
Charlie Boyles
Giovanna Citriniti
Guy Coppers Costantino
Emma Costa
Zoe Di Grandi
Ava Edwards
Duaa Fatima
Anu Folami
Max Hadden
Shaelyn Kirk
Daniel Martin
Victoria Martin
Michelle Navidad
Samara Quattrini
Leilani Romulo

Wire shaped into a Nike sneaker.
Wired Jordan One, a sculpture by Emilio Vanichpong Barbosa, won a Gold Key Award.