Odyssey teams get ready for competition with Spontaneous Night

Large group of students cheering!
The members of the district’s eight Odyssey of the Mind teams at the 11th annual Spontaneous Night.

On January 20, members of the district’s Odyssey of the Mind teams gathered for the 11th annual Spontaneous Night for an energetic night of creative problem-solving.

Goshen’s eight teams are working on their long-term solutions that include an eight-minute skit that solves a variety of technical and creative challenges. The teams will compete against other local districts at the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition on March 4 at Orange-Ulster BOCES.

The team members are:

Primary Team

Two students stand next to each otherDinos on Parade!

Ellie Abrey-Thomas
Mariska Boroden
Emmary DeWitt-Andre
Ivy Hoffman
Avery Lopez
Meadow Meland
Emma Swift

Coaches: Cheryl Winship, Jolina Dong, Aliana Vanichpong-Barbosa, Naima Puertas

Goshen Intermediate School

Problem 1: Pirates and the Treasure

Dean Losee
Rohan Fortugno-Harris
Naina Arteaga
Lillian Montemuro
Kaia Oum
Theodore Quinones
Derya Guven

Coach: Rachel Losee

Problem 2: Because iCan

Isabella Bacchioccho
Anna Hernandez
Christina Maldanado
Juliet Briones
Vivian Griffin
Henry Lucas
Gavin Dobbs

Coaches: Eva Colangelo, Hannah Fruhling. Mia Colangelo, Abigail Meyer

Problem 3: Classics…The Walls of Troy

Penelope Losee
Beatrix Collado
Jackson Thurtle
Celia Arteaga
William Arteaga
Gabriel Beyers
Ayooluwapo Folami

Coach: Rachel Losee

Problem 5: The Most Dramatic Problem Ever!!!

Emily Barbutt
Leanna Lopez
Maci Marszewski
Scarlett Zabetti
Abigail Hodge
Claire Heater
Gianna Kaur

Coach: Cathy Kloorfain

C. J. Hooker Middle School

Problem 3: Classics…The Walls of Troy

Brianna Manuelpillai
Alexa Krabbe
Rhyley Ruffy
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
Nishi Patel
Marcos Briones
Serafina Marku

Coach: Sharon O’Reilly

Problem 4: Where’s the Structure?

Marissa Monteiro
Liesl McGuinness
Brooke Fiorio
Ahmed Siljkovic
Caiden Gerstner
Sydney Huynh
Leandra Luna

Coach: Kate Schmidt

Goshen High School

Problem 5: The Most Dramatic Problem Ever!!!

Hannah Barhorst
Nathan Hulse
Madison Hunter
Carly Seligman
Sion Siljkovic
Katherine Thornell
Allen Yi

Coaches: Heidi Seligman and Brian Seligman

Students work together on a hands on problem