Goshen High School musicians selected for All-County Music Festival

Group of teens standing together smiling.
Members of the High School All-County Chorus Ensemble.

Several student musicians from Goshen High School were selected to perform in the prestigious All-County Music Festival on Saturday, January 21 at Cornwall High School.

Students performed a prepared musical piece during an audition in October. They were selected based on their scores against hundreds of their peers throughout Orange County.  They will rehearse with their respective ensembles on Friday and Saturday, and will culminate the festival with a concert on Saturday afternoon.

All-County Chorus

Dhilan Tawil, grade 9;  Jack Adamec, grade 12; Grant Moore, grade 11; Jake Sacco, grade 10; Abigail Collins, grade 11; Colin Ahearn, grade 12; Eric Bunzey, grade 11; Alex Greene, grade 10; Quentin Riley, grade 12; Jacob Batista, grade 12; Fernando Hidalgo, grade 11; Kiera Loftus, grade 10; Mia Reynoso, grade 10; Tanvir Singh, grade 12; Zoë Kyrou, grade 12; Jenna Williams, grade 12;, Abigail Thomas, grade 9;, Riley Quattrini, grade 10; Nicholas Obligado, grade 9; Briana Carbone, grade 10.

All-County Band

Ahmed Arif, grade 11; Matthew Schroeter, grade 10; Tanner Conklin, grade 10; Carly Seligman, grade 9; Ava Carroll; grade 9; Hannah Fruhling, grade 12.

All-County Orchestra

Vasiliki Protopsaltis, grade 11; Emma Rodriguez, grade 10; Lauren Carroll, grade 12; Benjamin Thurtle, grade 12; Paul Choi, grade 12; Henry Dong, grade 10; Michael Lombardi, grade 11.

Group of students holding wind instruments
Members of the High School All-County Orchestra.
Group of students holding instruments
Members of the High School All-County Band.