Board of Education, Superintendent oppose universal masking: View the letter to Governor Hochul

Dear Governor Hochul:

The Goshen Central School District educates approximately 3,000 students in Orange County. Following the worst effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our District has worked diligently to monitor and support student
learning, social and emotional, and health needs of all of our students. We have been successful in supporting all of these needs for our students after having lifted the restrictions implemented on schools during the height
of the pandemic. Together, we have gathered more data, learned more and continue to collaborate on strategies to best protect the health and wellness of our communities.

It has come to the attention of our District that the New York State Health and Health Planning Council on December 8, 2022 that masking was an agenda item during this meeting. The Board of Education and District
Administration for the Goshen Central School District strongly oppose a return to universal masking.

Families should be empowered to make this sole decision in the best interest of their own families and their children. The harmful social and emotional effects that universal masking causes on our communities is simply not necessary based upon the greater knowledge that we now have on protecting our collective health.

Additionally, we have many students in the school district who have not received the COVID vaccine.

These parents have made this decision weighing all the factors involved including what is best for the health, safety, welfare for their children. In Washington DC, the COVID vaccine was mandated this year for student
attendance. Not surprisingly, however, the D.C. Council rescinded this order because thousands of families refused the COVID vaccination for their children. The D.C. Council realized that this blanket policy would hurt
rather than help their city’s youngsters.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dr. Kurtis M. Kotes, Superintendent of Schools
Allison Salte, President, Board of Education
Brett Weeden, Vice President, Board of Education
Tom Loftus, Board Member
Jason Pucci, Board Member
Shannon Johnson, Board Member
William Castellane, Board Member