Goshen High School musicians selected for prestigious music ensembles

Six teenagers holding musical instrumentsTwo smiling teens. One wearing a black t-shirt, the other wearing a pink sweatshirt.Over the weekend, 12 student-musicians performed in the Area All-State Music Festival at Tri-Valley High School. Students were selected based on solo auditions last spring.

The Area All-State Festival represents approximately 40 school districts from 5 counties in New York State.

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to perform in these prestigious ensembles:


Rowan Meyers, grade 12, flute; Ava Carroll, grade 9, flute; Tanner Conklin, grade 10, baritone sax; Michael Lombardi, grade 11, trumpet; Aiden Meyers, grade 10, tenor sax; Ben Thurtle, grade 12, French horn.


Paul Choi, grade 12, trombone; Serena Yeddu, grade 12, violin; Lauren Carroll, grade 12, violin; Vasiliki Protopsaltis, grade 11, bass.

Mixed Chorus

Rox Aclin, grade 11, soprano.

Treble Chorus

Jenna Williams, grade 12, soprano.

Four teens standing shoulder to shoulder