Nov. 15: Routine drug detection sweeps at CJH, GHS

Dear Goshen Schools families,

At the request of district officials, the Village of Goshen Police Department, with assistance from the Orange County Sheriffs Department and New York State Police, are conducting a routine drug detection sweep at Goshen High School and C. J. Hooker Middle School.

During the sweep, students and teachers will “hold-in-place” and continue with regular instruction while police officers and detection dogs search classrooms at random. If any individuals are in one of the chosen classrooms, they will be instructed to leave their belongings and exit the room, under the guidance of building administrators, before the search begins.

It is estimated that the sweeps will take 30-45 minutes in each building. If a detection dog notifies an officer of an indication of narcotics during the sweep, the officer will turn over the item in question to building administrators. The police will not search through personal belongings.

The district purposely did not notify families or employees about the sweeps, as per the direction of our local police enforcement. Any infractions will be addressed by district administrators according to the Code of Conduct and the District’s legal team.

Thank you for your support as we work to address substance abuse in our schools.

Dr. Kurtis Kotes
Superintendent of Schools