SnapChat threat to Goshen High School deemed non-credible

Dear Goshen families,

This morning during school arrival time at Goshen High School, a Goshen High School student received a SnapChat message that stated “bouta shoot up the school.” The student was home at the time the message was received, and the family immediately contacted the Village of Goshen Police Department.

Because of the quick response of the Village of Goshen Police and collaboration with district administrators, we were able to identify the student who sent the SnapChat message. The student admitted to sending the message in response to an alleged TikTok challenge.

Because students and faculty were already arriving at school at the time the message was sent, a hold-in-place was conducted while the police completed their investigation. The hold-in-place lasted about 30 minutes and is now lifted.

The Village of Goshen Police Department has deemed the threat to be non-credible. We commend the student and family who called the police department after receiving the threatening SnapChat, and we are grateful to the police for their quick response and thorough investigation.